Now our secret is yours...
Danielle is easy
to wear, eye catching and available in beautiful
Enjoy every step in your Hotter shoes with super soft leathers, blissful underfoot cushioning, flexible soles and wiggle room for toes. And now in our range of sophisticated heels you'll also find an extra special secret ingredient, Pyramid Technology.

We asked our designer Ellspeth Robson to tell us more: "Hidden deep inside the shoe sole is a pyramid shaped foam pad which contracts and traps air as you walk, acting as a cushion to the balls of your feet where pressure can be constant."

"By placing specially designed foam, with tiny cushioned pyramids, directly above the flexi-grooves built into the soles of our shoes, we enhance the shoes' flexibility and maximise
cushioning," explained Ellspeth.

"Pyramid Technology is a key feature in some of our dressier shoes, where the greater heel height may lead to additional pressure on the ball of the foot. Our hidden technology relieves pressure and boosts comfort. These shoes will help you feel fantastic all day long, perfect if you're spending a day in the office then going out for the evening with friends."

Styles with Pyramid foam in the forepart and Flexi grooves in the sole are Follie, France, Rochelle, Danielle, Donna, Suzette, Periwinkle, Petunia, Winsome, Lavish. Lower heels with with pyramid foam only are Bellaire and Sorrento.

Watch Ellspeth's video, filmed in our beautiful Glasgow store to discover the secret of our Pyramid Technology.