Love style, love comfort, love Hotter.
Love style, love comfort, love Hotter
Inspired by the hand heart created by our beautiful model Lucy, we decided to share our Hotter love with you, our lovely customers. Here are a few of our 1,300 staff sending happy hearts to you and here are a few words they wanted to share.

"I love it when a customer tells me she has feet that are impossible to fit and I find her some shoes she doesn't want to take off," Mark Titchener, Personal Shopper.
"I love the buzz and thrill of the factory; and I love ensuring every pair of Hotter shoes are presented and packed to perfection," Joan Stewart, Factory Manager.

"I love to know the thousands of pairs we despatch each day are destined to give our customers happy feet," Alan Evans, Warehouse Manager.
"I love the friendly atmosphere, it's a great place to work," Violet McClean, Factory Packer.

"I love the way the company has grown in the seven years I have been here, when I joined Hotter there were only four stores and now we have 73!" Sarah Lloyd, Retail Support.

"I love the passion our team and our customers have for Hotter," Peter Taylor, Managing Director
Love style, love comfort, love Hotter
Making hand hearts from top to bottom, left to right: Vikki Barnbrook, Personal Shopper; Peter Taylor, Managing Director; Pauline Swarbrick, Call Centre Manager; Helen Wood, Shoe Packer; Justin Haber, Merchandising Analyst; Yuliya Danylyuk, our model; John Nicholas, Retail Director; Joan Stewart, Factory Manager; Warehouse Packing team members Shelia Melling, Sharon Lawless, Elaine Hale, Ann Morris, Ronnie Lawrence, Joan Baines, Ann Murphy and Yvonne Murray; Creative Team - Jonathan Low, Deb Harrison, Jo Houghton, Tom Brookes; Alan Evans, Warehouse Manager.