The USA gets Hotter
When you fall in love with a pair of shoes there's only one thing to do... tell your friends all about them! And that's exactly what our friend, Ernestine, in the USA did.

We first met Ernestine back in Autumn when she called our US Call Centre to order her first pair, "I am going to spread the word amongst my friends. I think your collection is super."

Ernestine was soon a convert and this Spring introduced us to her shoe loving friends Fran Kirmser, a Broadway producer, and Marcia Keegan, an executive at TV channel ESPN, who were keen to find out more about Hotter.
As a busy producer and mum, Fran looks for comfort and style when shopping for work shoes, and discovered just this when trying out heel Donna! "Working on Broadway in New York City, I am constantly running around Times Square from show to show, which can really take a toll on your feet and entire body. At the end of the day after wearing these shoes, I feel fantastic, it's as if I've been wearing sneakers all ay!"
Stylish, comfortable shoes are also a must for ESPN executive, Marcia. "I first wore my new shoes, Antoinette to work, there was none of the usual 'breaking in', they were comfortable from the start! Now that I have tried them, I'm a huge fan. I'm going to order some casual shoes to add to my collection, I can't wait to try them out.
"Comfortable shoes make a big difference to me, I go to a lot of parties, conferences, networking where you stand a lot, having shoes that feel great is so important."
Ernestine tested out smart heel Sorrento and instantly fell in love "the minute I tried them on, they felt as if I had worn them for years! At the end of the day, they felt like slippers, I didn't want to take them off. Hotter makes you feel special, simply by slipping on their shoes you are confident that you are going to be comfortable as well as look great".

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