Vintage Style – A 1950s Inspired Look

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Jenny recreates a 1950s look with smart loafer Sorbet

A passion for vintage style and smart shoes brought fashion blogger Jenny and Hotter together in the most perfect way. Vintage blogger Jenny Mearns loves recreating retro looks, and she loves Hotter shoes too, a winning combination!

Vintage enthusiast Jenny

Vintage enthusiast Jenny

In a series of posts, exclusively for ‘It’s A Shoe Thing’ Jenny will take us through the decades, showcasing her favourite Hotter styles to suit her vintage outfits. In her first post Jenny creates a 1950s inspired look…

From a tender age, I have been in love with the world of clothing and accessories. It began from watching early MGM movies, and then became my focus throughout my education. Nowadays, my passion is generally concentrated on the early half of the 20th century, but I do equally adore historical costume from earlier eras.

In today’s times, we have the freedom to explore many different styles. From observing the catwalk for inspiration, to looking through old family photographs, it seems anything goes. One particular genre that has surged in popularity lately, is vintage.

In this post, I shall be focusing on creating a 1950s look with Sorbet Loafers.

Loafers first entered mainstream fashion in the 1930s, with the height of their popularity in the 1950s and 1960s. This style has remained a timeless and a popular choice for women today, and it’s easy to see why. Encasing the foot in sturdy, but supple leather, these shoes are perfect for daily wear in any weather. The low 1 ¼ inch heel provides just the right amount of height, whilst the signature Hotter interior padding and cushioning feels like walking on pillows of supportive softness.

For a 1950s casual look, I have paired the shoes with denim dungarees, a cashmere sweater, and vintage accessories. As yellow and blue are opposites on the colour-wheel, you will usually find that classic denim makes an excellent companion for yellow. Sorbet are a splendid choice for cycling, as illustrated in the pictures! The sturdy sole provides enough grip on the pedals, and also helps to support the feet perfectly.

Sorbet would also work well with cropped trousers, or for a classic late 1950s look; Capri pants paired with a blouse. Loafers were of course popular with 1950s era collegiate life, so think blouses, cropped cardigans, circle skirts and fitted sweaters.

There are so many ways to wear Sorbet, particularly as the history of the loafer spans from the 1930s up to the present day, so you can easily create your own timeless look.



About Jenny…

Jenny Mearns

Jenny Mearns

Jenny Mearns from vintage fashion blog; is a historical fashion consultant, writer and lingerie designer.

Her love of clothing often sees her wearing her own creations and designs. When not in her sewing and design studio, she can be found  along the seafront admiring the views of the South coast.’





  • These are such cheerful photos! I love Jenny’s styling and they’re really lovely shoes- what a gorgeous colour!

  • Cheyla says:

    Let me start by saying I like your shoes a lot….what I don’t like is that you don’t offer all of them in extra wide. I have noticed some of the really cute ones that I love are not made in xtra-wide.if you can make the shoe in standard size why can’t you offer that shoe in extra-wide?

    I think you are missing a large demographic and missing out on sales from women like me.
    Also, it feels like we’re being left out… I would love to buy the floral tennis shoes but they don’t all come in x-wide.
    I ‘m ready to purchase when I have more choices.

    Thank you.

    • Hotter says:

      Hi Cheyla, sorry you were disappointed. We will pass your comments onto our design and merchandising teams. We usually introduce a new style in our standard fit to see how popular they are before we introduce an extra wide fit option, but there should be a few different styles and colours in extra fit across the collection. Did you notice that our Mabel canvas shoes are in extra wide in vintage floral, navy floral and denim? If you need additional help please feel free to give our contact centre a call they’ll be able to help you with all the options. Thanks Mel

  • Sharon says:

    I, too, need an ‘extra wide’ for my arthritic toes. Your fit and comfort in that size are beyond compare. But the selection range is too narrow. Please do consider making more of your lovely heels and walking shoes in the ‘extra wide’ fit.

    • Hotter says:

      Hi Sharon, we’ll pass on your details to our design team. If you need extra help finding a pair of Hotter shoes then our Personal Shoppers might also be able to help you. Thanks for your comments, best wishes Mel

  • Claire says:

    I agree with Cheyla – I have wide feet (and bunions) and some of the shoes I’d like to try aren’t available in wide fit (I can get away with average fit boots by sizing up for extra width, that doesn’t work with shoes). The shoes that are in wide fit are often the styles my mother would have turned her nose up as being too ‘grannyfied’. I’m a young 58 and I’d like to try the loafers, the brogues, and the ballet flats in bright colours.
    Pretty please.

  • bella lauren says:

    This whole outfit is really unique and adorable,i just love these yellow footwears.they are really stunning

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