Exclusively for ‘It’s A Shoe Thing’ illustrator and vintage enthusiast Miss Dupenny turns back the time by recreating vintage looks with a Hotter twist.


Firstly, we quizzed Emily (Miss Dupenny) to find out more about her and how her love for vintage began…

Emily (Photo Credit: www.jessicamilberg.com)

How long have you had an interest in vintage fashion?

About 12 years ago a friend of my mother’s gave me suitcases full of her old clothes that she’d kept in her loft over the years. Sorting through them was like the history of fashion through the decades from the 50s through to the 70s! It was the first time I’d ever tried on a 50s dress and I remember feeling like a lady for the first time. I soon noticed that when I dressed up people would treat me more like a lady, too. I’ve been in love with vintage style ever since. I find the cuts so much more flattering than most modern-day clothes. My collection is ever evolving and growing. With me it’s a case of the more vintage I see the more I fall in love. I would now call myself a bit of a vintage fanatic as I hardly ever buy anything modern… unless it looks vintage!

Who inspires your vintage style?

I’ve always loved glamour and the power it gives to a woman. People like Bettie Paige, Madonna and Vivienne Westwood are inspiring to me because they didn’t follow the crowd, they each brought something new to the table. I also love the classic hollywood movie stars but the list is endless! I wouldn’t say I’m inspired by a person as such, I just feel as though I’m living in the wrong era! I’m inspired by the authentic vintage of times past, things that tell a story. It can be anything – fashion, music, dancing, crafts, furniture, architecture, old black & white movies – What I love about vintage is that you can delve as deep into the lifestyle as you choose. I started with dresses, hairstyles and dancing. Now it’s pretty much a lifestyle for me, from the shoes and accessories to the events I attend. It’s true love, and I have a growing list of items I’m on the hunt for. I could quite happily spend forever searching for the perfect things to add to my collection!

Which is your favourite era to reinterpret?

The 50s is probably my strongest era because the majority of my collection is mid-century. However, my collection spans everything from the 20s – 60s. Lately I’m becoming particularly obsessed with the 30s & 40s as I just think those eras were so classy and elegant. I think the older I get the more my style will adapt to suit these eras.

How long have you been illustrating for and what are your proudest moments?

I’ve always been artistic and creative. At school my passion was music and I wanted to be a singer but I was deafened suddenly when I was aged 17. I decided to study illustration instead and I think losing music made me more determined to make my art a success. So far my wallpaper designs have appeared in exhibitions alongside works by Vivienne Westwood and Damien Hurst, which I still can’t quite believe! I’ve also recently collaborated on some merchandise for the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which I’m very pleased with since it’s for such a good cause. My proudest moments though are always when happy customers send me photos of my wallpaper on their walls. I spend hours and hours working on new designs, not knowing whether they’ll be successful or not. It’s a wonderful feeling when people buy my work to use in their homes or projects. It makes me really happy that they’re so happy with something I created!

How did you hear about Hotter? What do you like about our shoes?

For a long time I was struggling to find pretty shoes that were comfortable enough to wear all day and I had heard about Hotter through social media. My first pair were the Antoinettes in navy blue suede. Ladylike, vintage-looking AND comfortable; they tick all the boxes. They are literally my favourite pair of shoes ever and I regret not buying a lifetime’s supply as they’ve now been discontinued! My favourite thing about Hotter shoes is that I can walk around in them all day without sore feet. Plus they look stylish with my vintage outfits, which is crucial, of course!

It’s A Vintage Thing

Take a look at Emily’s illustrations with a Hotter twist and shop the shoes featured…

Style: Donna

One of my favourite shoe styles from Hotter! They’re so feminine without being too “girly” and the simple style makes them versatile enough to compliment the clothing from most eras. I love that the heel is just the right height making them look and feel elegant without causing aching feet. Say goodbye to having to carry emergency flats in your handbag! They come in a range of colour choices and I chose the Lavender suede ones because the shade makes me think of Spring.

Style: Village

You can’t beat a pair of classic brogues for smart/casual vintage style. These are my go-to shoes when I crave comfy flats but don’t want to compromise on style. They look great with a pencil skirt for a classic “preppy” look or even jeans for a dressed-down look. They’re also perfect worn with white ankle socks and a swing dress to go dancing in. I’m loving the new Grey colour!

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Style: Wiltshire

Well aren’t these just the cutest? There’s something I find very nostalgic about these shoes, they remind me of a pair I had as a little girl! They’re casual enough to go with jeans, trousers or even dungarees, but would also look lovely teamed with a casual day dress. I love the Spice colour as it’s a shade you don’t often find these days. They look great with earthy tones, which compliment most people well.

Style: Vivienne

So pretty! I chose to illustrate the Beige colour because they make me think of the 1920s and I just adore the elegance of that era. If I were to wear these shoes I would team them with a 1920s day or evening dress and a cute close hat. The small heel is just right and I love the t-bar style. Such a classy look you can’t go wrong with.

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Style: Cornwall

These are simple enough to work with most outfits and are great when you want to look casual but well turned out. My favourite are the Cobalt Blue shade because sometimes colourful shoes can really make an outfit “pop”. Perfect for travelling pin-ups I take these abroad when I know I’ll be doing lots of city site-seeing to look stylish whilst avoiding sore feet!

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About Emily…

Emily (Photo credit: www.jdjones.photography)

Dupenny (Emily Dupen) is an illustrator based by the sea in Brighton, UK. She spends her days doodling lovely pictures for clients and projects all over the world and is most known for her own brand, Dupenny, offering a range of playful yet sophisticated boutique wallcoverings, fabrics and gifts, often featuring quirky vintage pin-up girls.

Emily herself also has a keen interest in vintage and runs her own vintage fashion, lifestyle and interiors blog, Miss Dupenny. Visit Emily’s blog at https://www.dupenny.com/blog.

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