It’s never too late to look after your feet – here’s some handy tips to keep feet feeling happy and healthy…

Step 1: Exfoliate

Remove dead or rough skin by using a foot scrub and use pumice stone or foot file on hard skin, paying particular attention to your heels as this is where you are most likely to have calluses.


Step 2: Trim Toe Nails

It’s best to cut your toenails straight across using proper nail clippers or nail scissors. Be careful not cut them too short and never cut down the sides as this can cause in-growing toenails. Finish by using a nail file to smooth off any rough edges.


Step 3: Moisturise

Finally, apply a good moisturising cream freely and use a foot spray to refresh your feet.

If you wish to apply nail polish, firstly use a base coat as this will protect your nails and try not leave polish on for too long, as it can cause your nails to go yellow.

To maintain optimum cleanliness feet should be washed daily in lukewarm water using a mild soap and then dried thoroughly.

Changing your shoes regularly will also help to keep feet fresh.

A simple footcare regime will help liberate your feet and make you smile. Here’s our tips to keep your feet happy.


  1. Get to know your feet well – if you check them on a daily basis you’ll soon notice any cuts and breaks in the skin or unusual changes in colour or temperature.
  2. Wash, but don’t soak your feet each day. Soaking can destroy natural oils, but a wash in warm soapy water, followed by a thorough dry – especially between the toes – keeps them odour free and fresh.
  3. The skin on your feet is different from anywhere else on your body – so buy a special foot powder if you need to reduce moisture and use a foot moisturiser to keep skin soft and supply.

Always speak to a health professional before trying out a new footcare regime. 


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