We have teamed up with Emily Inman from the wonderful Brickdust & Glitter blog to give us her top tips for stress free packing for your Summer holiday.

Emily says: Planning holidays is an exciting time. Once you have got the stressful cost/destination/flight bit sorted you get left with the more fun task of packing {I enjoy it anyway}. I love to plan a holiday wardrobe! Most of the time I try to think about what I will be doing and how little would suffice {I hate the unpacking stage}. Less is more and what I have learned is, most of the time, I plan my outfits around my shoes. Here, I break down my ideal packing for 3 different types of holidays, and hopefully give you some ideas along the way.

The City Break

Image credit Brickdust & Glitter

These Brooke Active shoes are so dainty. They are perfect for throwing on and in the neutral Ivory colour they go with anything I choose to wear. They are lightweight so make days on your feet sightseeing easy and I adore the minimal styling. I like to travel light for city breaks, a few simple tees, cropped jeans and a checked blazer as a jacket will all work wonderfully with these cute Hotter shoes. I can finish any outfit with a cross body bag like this beautiful Mille style in pink leather and it leaves my hands free to capture those all-important Instagram pictures!

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Lakeside Dreaming

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Lake Como is more than likely happening for me this Summer and I can’t wait to walk the cobbled streets along the lakeside. Most of the time I am sure to be wanting a swim in the lake itself, but for the gelato eating and wondrous walking I am thinking about channelling a bit of a Riviera-inspired wardrobe: red stripes, tailored trousers and these gorgeous Hamlet moccasins. Simplicity is key and making sure I have a silk scarf and big sunglasses is also going to be quite necessary! Sandals or trainers would also be perfect on this kind of holiday but really, I want to look like I was made to be on the water so these Tan leather loafers are all I need.

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By The Beach

Image credit Brickdust & Glitter

A resort break would see me really kick back and relax. I would always pack lots of soft, floaty white dresses and some  comfortable sandals. Bare feet would probably be the order of the day but for getting to and from the beach a nice pair of leopard print sandals will do the trick. I love leopard print, it works so well with pretty much everything and with a tan {fingers crossed} they will keep me on-trend and feeling good. Another absolute necessity to pack would be a basket bag and the Lucy carryall by Hotter will fit all the stuff in for a fun filled day at the beach.

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