Can you look great, feel great and have bundles of fun in a pair of formal shoes? To a group of over 50’s dancers the answer was an astounding yes! A group of 5 ladies Kathryn, June, Sheron, Margaret and Renee put some of our stylishly smart shoes through their paces at their local dance class.

Our latest Comfort Testing Team, part of a group of 25 dancers, meet every Tuesday in Hertfordshire where they learn a new routine every 2 weeks, from tango to jazz to Irish dancing the group have many hidden talents! Let’s meet the group of lovely ladies who stepped out in our shoes…


Life Is Just Too Short For Uncomfortable Shoes

Say hello to Kathryn, a dancer, craft fanatic and passionate jewellery maker.

With Hotter I can have both comfort and style at the same time.

What do you enjoy most about being part of the group? It’s very friendly and sociable and there’s always time for a cuppa, a chat and a chocolate biscuit!

Why are comfortable shoes important to you? Uncomfortable feet can really cramp your style and put you off exploring places, with comfortable shoes you can enjoy your day to day activities.

Tell us about your first impressions of the Charmaine heels? My first impression was one of surprise, I have recently got rid of several pairs of heels as I found I couldn’t wear them, the Charmaine heels were different! I was delighted to find that as well as looking stylish they were also very comfortable.

What is your priority for footwear, style or comfort? Life is just too short for uncomfortable shoes, it makes me unhappy if my shoes aren’t comfortable. It is great that with Hotter shoes I can have both comfort and style at the same time.

Would you recommend Charmaine to friends and family? Yes! They’re good quality and give an interesting stylish twist on a classic court shoes. The design will compliment many different outfits.


Charmaine, £79

Available in colours: Black, Navy, Jet Black, Maroon Embroidered, Slate Embroidered

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First Impressions Count

Meet June! She steps out on the dance floor twice a week and sings in the Hertford Rock Choir.

When I’ve been out and about friends have commented on how stylish the shoes are!

What do you do in your spare time? As well as the local dance group I also dance with another group on a Thursday and sing in a choir which I love! We entertain at local events and have taken part in much bigger things like flash mobs at St Pancras, Liverpool Arena and Euro Disney Paris.

Describe your first impression of the Natalia shoes. They’re just what I had in mind, the flat sole ensures non-slip walking and the fit was perfect which gave me great confidence.

Where have your worn your new shoes? I’ve worn them to drive to many places because of the good grip, they’re very comfy to walk in so I’ve also worn them around local areas and to my various pursuits. When I’ve been out and about friends have commented on how stylish the shoes are!

How would you style Natalia? They’ll look great with shorts and trousers and I think they will work really well with cropped trousers too.

Would you recommend this style to friends and family? I would recommend them to my friends and daughters, they can be worn by women of any age with ease.


Natalia, £75

Available in colours: Navy/Tan, Black/Tan and Plum/Tan

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The Perfect Fit

Next up is Sheron, a passionate gardener and ‘grandma’ to adorable cockapoo Hattie.

I thought the Viviene shoes looked too elegant to be comfortable, how wrong I was!

What did you like about the Viviene heels? I rarely buy shoes with a heel as I often find them uncomfortable but the heel height was just enough to give the shoes an elegant appearance. I have wide feet too but these fitted beautifully.

What is your priority for footwear? Comfort! If they’re not comfortable I just won’t wear them.I sing in 2 choirs, which involves standing for up to 2 hours at a time, so comfortable shoes are a must

Were you a Hotter wearer before now? I never considered Hotter before but I’m really glad I had the opportunity to try them for myself. My daughter said they were cool too!

How would you describe Hotter to a friend? Quality, comfortable and elegant.



Viviene, £85 

Available in colours: Navy, Black, Tango Red and Truffle

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Love At First Step

Say hello to Margaret, an avid walker, dancer and crossword expert.

The size of the heel is perfect for me.

Why are quality, comfortable shoes important to you? Because I walk a lot and like to dress nice with a pair of shoes that feel good and look stylish.

Tell us about your first impressions of the Donna heels? When I opened the box and saw the shoes, I liked them even more than seeing them on the website. They felt so good when I put them on! I love the colour and the size of the heel is perfect for me.

Describe these shoes in three words. The perfect shoes.

What comments have you received about your new heels? I’ve had lots of compliments about them and in particular how nice and stylish they are.

Describe your perfect shoe. I would describe it as very much like Donna, I knew as soon as I saw them them they were made for me.


Donna, £89

Available in colours: Black, Deep Teal, Pewter, Tango Red and Jet Black

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Highly Recommended

Meet Renee, a tap dancing social butterfly.

Comfort is essential to keeping your feet in good condition.

What were your first impressions of the Natasha shoes? Good quality, comfortable and exactly as shown in your catalogue.

What is your priority for footwear? Comfort! You can’t replace feet!

When will you wear these shoes? I will mainly use them for everyday wear, but they could also be worn for a special occasion.

Describe these shoes in three words. Smart and comfortable.

Would you recommend these shoes to friends and family? Yes – I always pass on good news!



Natasha, £75

Available in colours: Navy Lizard and Black Lizard.

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