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Jenni Summers
3 Min Read

The colder weather brings about a whole host of change to the landscape; leaves change to vivid shades of red and gold before leaving tree branches bare, grey clouds dominate the sky and a damp chill permeates the air. Despite its austere-sounding appearance, Autumn is…

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Jenni Summers
2 Min Read

With the noisy Summer crowds long gone, enjoy peaceful surroundings and breath-taking scenery on an excursion to the coast. Coastal landscapes are many and varied, with beautiful stretches of sand, rocky coves and pretty piers offering up a full mix of adventures by the sea….

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Jenni Summers
1 Min Read

Getting out and enjoying the Summer is a breeze with our best-selling Originals collection. Specially selected by our founder Stewart Houlgrave, they represent everything that Hotter Shoes stands for; comfort, quality, practicality and impeccable style. The beauty of this particular range is that they transcend…