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  If you are a keen explorer, walker and outdoor enthusiast, Derbyshire is the place to visit. Not only can you visit our Derby store which is located in the Intu Centre next to Lush, but you can also collect your GORE-TEX® walking shoes that…

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Jenni Summers
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When life gives you rainy days…play in the puddles!   Durable, lightweight and perfectly equipped to deal with the challenging British climate, our collection of boots will keep feet dry and stylishly clad for every unpredictable weather condition this season will inevitably bring.    …

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Jenni Summers
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The colder weather brings about a whole host of change to the landscape; leaves change to vivid shades of red and gold before leaving tree branches bare, grey clouds dominate the sky and a damp chill permeates the air. Despite its austere-sounding appearance, Autumn is…