This season we’re powering your every move with our Hotter Sports collection – designed to help you perform all day every day, how could you resist? And that’s simply the reason why one of our favourites from the collection, Pursuit, is this month’s winning style.

With its stylish heathered mesh knit upper, women’s trainer Pursuit adds a touch of flair to your classic sports style. Contemporary in design, it’s super lightweight thanks to a lightweight EVA sole and with elasticated lace detailing this trainer can be slipped on with ease There’s also additional heel support with a padded collar and memory foam footbed, all of this combines effortlessly to deliver on comfort.

Watch Pursuit in action, as seen with men’s trainer Sprint

What activities can you wear Pursuit trainers for?

  • Yoga – An activity everyone can take part in, from beginners to advanced, there’s sure to be a move suited to you. With many health benefits reported from trying Yoga daily it’s one to try and incorporate into your routine. And you can do Yoga just about anywhere, there’s several tutorials online about how to start and the equipment you’ll need.
  • Light jog – Running can help us clear the mind of anything that’s worrying us, helping to focus on your breathing, your route and your wellbeing. If you’re thinking of starting off with a light jog or prefer this pace of running, then women’s trainers Pursuit would be the perfect jogging companion.
  • Power walk – To benefit from walking you don’t have to go on a hike for several hours, according to the NHS a brisk 10-minute daily walk has a multitude of health benefits and counts towards your 150 minutes of recommended weekly exercise.
  • Everyday activities – Whether you’re just nipping to the shops, doing the school run or work standing up all day, lightweight EVA soles and memory foam footbeds of women’s trainer Pursuit will wrap your feet in comfort every step of the way.

Which colour will you try?

With three eye-catching colourways to choose from, we simply can’t decide between them, we would take all three! Which colour will you pick? Navy, Black or Charcoal?


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