Embarking on a more active lifestyle today will reap huge rewards and keep you fit, agile and active long into the future.

Follow our easy 5 step guide to staying active and healthy at any age.

1. Get bendy!

Maintaining and even boosting your flexibility is a vital part of keeping your body active and supple. Not only does yoga help boost your flexibility; it also helps maintain muscle mass and relieves stress. What’s not to love?

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Your Gym Buddies…

Slip-on any style from our innovative Active range before and after practice and you will float all the way home. The cushioned and contoured insoles are super comfortable and the lightweight soles make days on your feet effortless.

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2. Hit the dance floor 

Getting your groove on not only feels good – we all know a good boogie releases those addictive feel-good endorphins – but doing something completely new, like learning to salsa, tango or ballroom, helps to build new neural pathways in your brain, keeping both your body and brain healthier.

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The Perfect Dance Partners…

The soft cushioning of sporty Chase means you can easily dance the day away and makes for a seriously stylish addition to your wardrobe. Versatile Donna looks beautiful with skirts or trousers, so whatever your style, it’s the perfect partner to take to the ball.

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3. Head to the hills

The great outdoors are brilliant for so many reasons, not only does regular walking help boost your cardiovascular (heart) health, research also suggests that taking walks in nature has a wealth of mental health benefits too. If you don’t have time to head off on a big walk, just get off the bus a stop early, take the stairs not the lift, or walk to the shops rather than drive – every little helps.

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Your Tour Guide…

Brooke’s roomy round toe, soft cushioning and shock-absorbing sole is ideal for walks of any length. It also comes in two patterned upper designs, to suit any outfit.

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4. Step up

Low-impact exercise like swimming and cycling are great ways to boost your cardio (heart) health and your memory. Research has shown that when we exercise our muscles produce a protein called cathepsin B, which boosts brain cell growth. Try to find a form of cardio that suits you and aim for 30 minutes’ five times a week.

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Serious About Sporty…

If you’re heading out on your bike, slip-on our seriously sporty sandal Walk or Travel. Their sporty, luxurious feel and shock-absorbing sole make them a great partner for rides and their on-trend bright colours looks great when you get off your bike to stop for a pub lunch too!

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5. De-stress in style

Stressing less can be easier said than done but with the help of meditation and mindfulness; you can have a real impact on reducing the stress hormones in your brain. So it’s time to make a window in your schedule for this relaxing, stress-busting pastime. Find a quiet place and get comfy.

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Wind down with…

Find your inner Zen, wherever you are, in comfy sandals Tourist and Sol; remember, you don’t have to sit cross-legged on a yoga mat to benefit from mindfulness!

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