Here’s to Spring and Summer – to bright colours, warmer days and picnics aplenty.

Whether you want to fully embrace the sun (or prepare for the sunnier days ahead), we have all the comfort you need to keep you moving this Summer.

From super soft and flexible sandals to posture-improving Stability+ walking sandals, we have perfect styles in ultimate comfort waiting for you – including our TV-famous Stride from our latest campaign…

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Consider comfort at its most unstructured and walking sandals at their most supportive. Whether you’re wanting something for look or practicality, these sandals do both. We have the sandals to uplift your style and spirits, all while cradling your foot in the utmost comfort.

For super soft comfort…

Meet our unstructured, contemporary sandals – contemporary in style and comfort.

Easily discover their three key components: softness, flexibility and lightweight. The hidden stitches and seam-free designs bring modern styling, while their pared back and streamlined structure make these sandals super lightweight and the premium leathers the softest ever known to foot.

Slip on and walk on Air with each step, made to cushion and hug your foot with its padded insole and plump leather strap.

Sitting on a contemporary chunky yet lightweight sole, Porto‘s two super soft touch-close fastening straps offer you a perfect fit.





“For me, the story is still around less fatigue. But, instead of energy return, it’s more focused on the natural movement of the foot.”

– Giles Coulson, Head of Research and Development

Flexi‘s strappy design sits on a chunky yet lightweight sole that adds extra flexibility to your walk.

On a chunky yet lightweight sole, this slingback sandal, Vapour, adjusts with a buckled elastic strap.



For the Summer explorers…

Getting out and walking has considerably increased in our priorities over the last year, whether walking is your main source of exercise or has become your new norm. In our eyes, you should feel supported when you walk – in your mind with fresh air and in your feet with our Stability+ sandals.

Say hello to our two ultimate walking sandals, Walk II and Stride. Both come with four layers of comfort, including a memory foam insole and a full Stability+ balance plate for lateral support, made to help realign your foot, walk and posture. Our lightweight Hotter Freesole provides a high energy return to add more power to your walk – perfect for longer adventures where you need more comfort and far less fatigue.

Our most technical sandal ever, Walk II, helps to realign your foot, walk and posture through its Stability+ balance plate.

On Stride, three stylish, vintage leather straps hug your foot while a Stability+ balance plate helps to improve your posture.






“The balance plate in Walk II and Stride not only supports but improves the natural gait of the foot and your posture. It provides full foot support by reducing any unnecessary movement, meaning less fatigue and a much farther walk.”

– Mark Roughley, Product Development Manager

For time spent relaxing in our gardens, in sun-filled shopping streets or on walks with unlimited support, why not ready those feet with our latest sun-ready styles? Let’s head back out and embrace the sunshine.

Your feet will thank you.

Of course, such stylish Summer comfort doesn’t stop here – take a trip to our sandal collection and find the fit perfect for you.


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