Staying Active At Home

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Julie Robinson, Founder of Move It Or Lose It

Julie, one of our Inspirational Women, is the founder of Move It Or Lose It, they are are on a mission to help you to stay active and enjoy healthier, happier lives.


Here are some exercises they have shared which you can do at home…


The Cuppa Routine Exercises



Improve Your Balance


Easy Exercises To Build Into Your Everday Routine





About Julie 

The past ten years Julie has dedicated her career to improving the fitness of older people, which is a real passion of hers. After the successful launch of the Move It Or Lose It award-winning exercise DVDs, supported by Professor Janet Lord, Director of the Centre for Healthy Ageing Research, Julie has expanded the exercise programme out into the wider community. Follow the group on Facebook for more tips, search for ‘Move It Or Lose It’.

Find out more about Julie here

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