Sneaky peak – our AW15 photoshoot

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Buffer with Lucy (and of course our lovely Sugar shoes) on our AW15 photoshoot

Ever wondered how we create the stunning photography that showcases our lovely products. Well here’s a sneaky peak behind the scenes courtesy of our Creative Designer Deb Harrison.

Deb, our Graphic Designer, took her own camera on the AW15 photoshoot to capture some behind the scenes action

Deb, our Creative Designer, took her own camera on the AW15 photoshoot to capture some behind the scenes action

“This was my first photo shoot so I was both excited and nervous,” said Deb, who joined the Hotter team six years ago. “The photoshoot team is  made up of Hotter Creative Manager Jo; photographer Moy and assistant Chris; Julie, our stylist, and Carol, our makeup artist.

“My role was to make sure all the shoes were ready to be photographed, looked great and were at the right place at the right time. We had to check they were in the correct positions too so we could make sure that Moy was able to highlight the details and features of the shoes.

“Each day started at 6 o’clock as we had to get to a location as early as we could to photograph the shoes in natural light for as long as possible; and we could spend up to 8 hours in the same place as we couldn’t leave until we knew we had the best possible shots. Each photo took between fifteen minutes to half an hour to set up, depending on how many models were involved, how many shoes were being photographed and how windy it was!

“I was so excited to see the final shots at Hotter HQ and we were delighted with the results. My favourite was of style Sugar, we had lots of fun with our new canine friend Buffer who made his Hotter debut! We found out that hotel receptionist where we were staying had a friendly dog who loved being photographed, we just had to meet him and when we did, we fell in love with his energetic personality. Our model Lucy had to hide a tennis ball behind her so we could get the right shot of her and Buffer.”


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