Comfort is king in our book, which is why we offer our shoes in UK whole and half sizes - but if you’re wondering how these sizes correspond to the equivalent in European and US footwear, check out our handy shoe size conversion charts below.

We have the perfect fit for every foot. As well as whole and half sizes, we offer four different fits, including Slim, Standard, Wide and Extra Wide. Further down, find your shoe size conversion for your perfect fit.

Quickly convert a UK shoe size to a USA or EU sizing with our easy Shoe Size Conversion chart.

Women's Shoe Sizes – Hotter UK/US/EU

Women's shoes displayed on Hotter UK are listed in British sizing. Convert them to your local size by using our women's shoe size conversion chart below.

Womens Hotter Shoe Sizes

UK SizeUS SizeEU Size 
3536Shop Size 3
3.55.536.5Shop Size 3.5
4637Shop Size 4
4.56.537.5Shop Size 4.5
5738Shop Size 5
5.57.538.5Shop Size 5.5
6839Shop Size 6
6.58.540Shop Size 6.5
7941Shop Size 7
7.59.541.5Shop Size 7.5
81042Shop Size 8
91143Shop Size 9

Men's Shoe Sizes – Hotter US/UK/EU

Men's shoes displayed on Hotter UK are listed in British sizing. To convert them to your local size please use our men's shoe size conversion chart below.

Mens Hotter Shoe Sizes

UK SizeUS SizeEU Size 
6739Shop Size 6
7841Shop Size 7
7.58.541.5Shop Size 7.5
8942Shop Size 8
8.59.542.5Shop Size 8.5
91043Shop Size 9
9.510.544Shop Size 9.5
101145Shop Size 10
111246Shop Size 11
121347Shop Size 12

Now you can shop our full range in confidence…

Our collection of Precision Fit shoes, available in 4 fittings and UK whole and half sizes.

Precision Fit

Every foot is different (they are as individual as you are!) which is why we have up to 40 fitting combinations to help you find your perfect fit.

Very few people wear an exact standard shoe size. In fact, around two thirds of us have one foot bigger than the other (little known fact: it’s usually the right foot), so it makes perfect sense that we offer four different fittings: Slim, Standard, Wide and Extra Wide.

Discover our fitting options in the shoe size conversion chart below.

Shoe Size Conversion Chart of our 4 different fits: Slim, Standard, Wide and Extra Wide.

Slim fit

Known as a ‘C’ fit, this is the narrowest fit that we offer in our range. You may also see it referred to the abbreviation SLM inside the shoe, on the shoebox, and on your receipt or delivery note.

Standard fit

Meet the most common fitting in our range. Also called a ‘D’ fit, this has generous space as the happy medium of our fitting options.

Wide fit

Our second biggest fitting, also known as ‘EE’. It is perfect for those who want more wriggle room than in the common Standard fit.

Extra Wide fit

This is the broadest of all our fittings, giving your foot extra room for extra comfort. It is also abbreviated to ‘EEE’, which you will see on your shoebox and order confirmation or receipt.

There’s no such thing as the perfect foot, but there might just be such a thing as the perfect fit.

Now you know your right size from our shoe size conversion, learn more about our Precision Fit technology and in-store 3D-scanning foot measuring machine.

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