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Hotter shoes are carefully made in our Comfort Lab to UK sizes but if you’re wondering how these sizes correspond to the equivalent in European and US footwear then check out our handy shoe size conversion chart.

Women’s Shoe Size Conversion – Hotter UK/US/EU

Quickly convert your shoe size with our easy conversion chart.

Women’s shoes displayed on Hotter UK are listed in British sizing, to convert them to your local size please use the women’s conversion chart below.

Men’s Shoe Size Conversion – Hotter US/UK/EU

Quickly convert your shoe size with our easy conversion chart.

Men’s shoes displayed on Hotter UK are listed in British sizing, to convert them to your local size please use the men’s conversion chart below.

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  • Nell Danzi says:

    Please open a store in North Jersey, USA.

  • Donna Karbach says:

    And open another store in Pleasanton, California!

  • Joann Marsh says:

    Yes please open one in La Quinta, California 92253

  • Kimberly Robinson says:

    I was so excited to receive your catalog today and quickly disappointed to see that you don’t carry any size 12 in women!
    Please make shoes in a size 12 for us ladies!!

  • D says:

    Very disappointed with my purchases from Hotter. I bought several pairs and had to return them because the shoes were much, much larger than shoes of the same listed size at any other retailer. I’ve even had to return the smaller-size shoes I received in exchange because they were still much too big.

    • Hi – we’d love to put you in touch with one of our Personal Shoppers who will be able to give you some further help and advice regarding the fit of our shoes. If you would like us to arrange this please email your contact details to [email protected].

  • Marty Nelson says:

    I wear US size 6.5 (definitely NOT wide!). I order 1 pair of open shoes to wear in summer and had to return because they were so WIDE. You indicate you have a SLIM size but I cannot determine how to order this size. No boots I select have this size available, i.e., if I order 6.5, the only width size available to choose is Standard or Wide. There is NO option to select SLIM. I do not wish to order a boot and have to return because it is too big. If there is something I am missing, please advise.

  • Ellen Rebarber says:

    unsure of size

  • Karen Karp says:

    I outlined my foot, measured between longest toe and heel, measured the widest part of my foot and now what? I cannot find any information about how to translate my measurements to correct shoe size and width.

    • Hello Karen

      Please go to the product that you would like to purchase on the website and on that page, on the right hand side above the sizes, select ‘size guide’. Once on that page choose your gender and it will take you to our interactive size guide where you will be able to enter your individual details.

  • Diane Carver says:

    I have RA Anand plantar fasciitis. I bought Oophos flip flops over the summer which has helped tremendously, but it’s winter and I need a really good shoe for all wear. I’ve had some success with Merrells, but I really love the looks of your Glove shoes, but my foot needs a really good arch support to keep my foot from the cramps I get in my arch. I couldn’t see inside your shoe in the picture well enough to see if the shoe has a built up arch. I thank you for any info you could give me to help me make my decision.

  • Valerie says:

    I really do not understand your fitting guide. When I finally found it (wow, it is really hidden!) it had crazy choices for size. I usually wear a US 8.5 or 9 medium and my foot appears to be around 9″ long but your crazy choices list things like 1/2, 5/8, 3/4… and I tried milimeters but that’s no better. Nothing works for the measurements. No way can I order your shoes if I can’t tell what fits and your sizing tool is useless.

    • Hi Valerie, we’re really sorry about this and would like to help you further with your sizing query, please send us your contact details to [email protected] and we can arrange for one of our Personal Shoppers to give you a call.

    • Ronda kiloer says:

      Success!! I want to let you know i have searched everywhere for shoes that i am not allergic to! Your silky leather insoles stitched not glued and canvas shoes are wonderful. I can wear them without pain itching redness and skin irritation. Thank you so much hotter! First shoes I’ve been able to purchase in 15 years and wear out of the box. I will purchase more!!!!

  • Eliane Taylort says:

    I bought a lovely pair of leap but they are a bit to just. I follow your guide for “the perfect fit” having a tape measure a fiend ect and look for instructions but almost 45 minutes later I still don’t know what to do .

  • Rebecca Wilson says:

    Why can’t you carry narrow sizes for your good looking shoes? I’m sure there is a welcoming market for narrow width folks like me. It is as though we do not exist.


  • Jamie Akin says:

    I too have been looking for a size guide after measuring my foot. Must give more info before I can even think about ordering.

  • Trudy Gillevet says:

    There are two identical videos with five tips to getting a good fit

    Underneath first one there is a hint “get a tape measure and a friend.” But NO links for what to do with these!!?
    Honestly I recently did measure my foot similarly for buying ice skates. Thought it’s be an easy click to find the measured length per size for Hotter shoes Nope.
    Also thought it would be in Centimetres as Britain use metric Right

    Last I too would very much appreciate info on arch support
    it is key for people with foot medical issues
    Thank you for addressing two concerns

  • Mildred Cavenar says:

    I bought River shoe. I wear ORTHOTICS. The heel is too narrow to accommodate my orthotic. I need a shoe that is a little wider in the heel, but not much wider in the toe. Please advise. Thanks.

    • Hi Mildred, please give us a call on 01695 213514 where one of our Personal Shoppers will be able to give you some expert advice on which styles would be best for you.

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