Blogger Beth from Cumbrian Rambler is on a mission to encourage you to get walking more, and with her latest campaign #WalkOneStop she is inspiring others to incorporate walking into their busy days.

Walking is good for us.  It’s good for our physical wellbeing and it’s been proven time and time again to have wide ranging positive effects on our mental health too.  Assuming you don’t have mobility issues it’s easy and is one of the first things we learn to do as children.  I’m a very keen walker, prone to taking off on arduous full day hikes in the hills or walking 3 miles to a business meeting “just because”, but I’m aware that this isn’t something  everyone feels comfortable with.

Towards the end of last year I was racking my brains to come up with a way to connect with people who wouldn’t describe themselves as walkers and share my enthusiasm for walking in a way which made it easy and achievable.  I was on a train to Manchester at the time, on my way to spend a day working near Manchester Piccadilly and, as the train slid towards the city, I thought to myself “I’ll get off at Oxford Road and walk one stop up to work” – which is precisely where my #WalkOneStop initiative came from.


#WalkOneStop in Manchester

#WalkOneStop in Wigan



Walking one stop is exactly how I fit walking into my working day and, put simply, the aim of #WalkOneStop is to encourage us all to get off the bus, train, tram or tube one stop early – or get on one stop later – and walk the rest of the way.  Or park one street or car park further away from your destination.






It may seem trivial but if you do it every day it soon adds up – even if it’s only 200m to your next stop:


1 day = 400m (0.4km/ 0.25 miles) = 25 calories

1 week = 2000m (2km/ 1.2 miles) = 100 calories

1 month = 8000m (8km/ 5 miles) = 500 calories


1 working year = 96,000m (96km/ 60 miles) = 6,000 calories = 2.5lbs weight



Beth’s Walking Companions



I’m delighted to be working with Hotter on this project as one of the essential items for walking is a decent pair of shoes – and ideally a pair I don’t have to change out of when I get to the office – so they fit the bill perfectly.

I have a pair of Hotter’s Mist GTX® shoes in purple and they are fabulous, really comfortable but also very practical and stylish so I can wear them all day in and out of the office.

My mission is to promote #WalkOneStop on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and encourage everyone to get involved – I want people to share their stories and photos and support each other as we all try to get a bit more mobile.  I’m also trying to bring some fun to it too; so much health and fitness stuff is deadly serious and even a teeny bit boring, if something is more fun then we’re more likely to keep it up.  I’d love to help to build a real community of like minded folks whose infectious enthusiasm draws others in and encourages them to get involved.

To join in simply follow me, and Hotter obviously, and tell us where you’re walking – post pictures, memes, videos and inspirational quotes and don’t forget to add #WalkOneStop to your message.  Tell your friends, share the enthusiasm and hopefully we’ll persuade more people to get out there and get healthier.


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About Beth – In January 2011 Beth & her husband Steve upped sticks and did what most people dream of – they left behind their “normal” lives in Hampshire and gambled it all on a new life in the place of Steve’s youth – beautiful South Cumbria.  They started their blog so their families could follow their adventures and before long a writing career was born. Their first book Historic Cumbria Off the Beaten Track was published in October 2015 – it received excellent reviews and was shortlisted for the Lakeland Book of the Year Award.

These days they delight in exploring hidden corners of the UK, finding fun things to do – usually on a budget – and sharing them with the world.  They’ve explored from Lands End to John O’Groats and are happiest when armed with a flask of tea and some sarnies and heading off on another adventure




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