Photographer, author, founder of Women of Spirit and one of our Inspirational Women, Susie Mackie shares her words of wisdom for staying fabulous and comfortable!


Some time ago, I did an emergency load of washing for my eldest daughter. It was an undies wash, but not the sort of undies I’m used to. As I pulled tiny jewel-like items from the bag in a myriad of rainbow colours, pretty lace and beads clung to a cobweb framework so delicate that I was driven to ‘handle with care’! Not to be confused with pants, these delicious little scraps of fabric were thongs!

I felt quite envious, in a nice kind of way, and began to think about my practical, comfortable, not-terribly-sexy underwear (never to be mistaken for something as gorgeous as ‘lingerie’!) and wondered if I should make more effort and if so, would I have to compromise on comfort? At 62, while I love dressing up, comfort next to my skin is something on which I am NOT prepared to compromise!

“But you must try them Mummy!” insisted my girls. And so I did. Never. Again. Enough said. I’m sticking with my midis thank you, although now opting for prettier versions with lace and perhaps a tiny bow.

Now popsocks can’t be called anything but practical and comfortable; most of us wear trousers much of the time so they serve a purpose and that’s just fine. If anyone can tell me they’ve found a make of those nylon foot-sock things that we wear in shoes and they don’t slip off your heel, while remaining unseen around the foot, I’d love to hear!!

Does anyone else wonder at women who can walk around town in a pair of heels? Wearing shoes or boots with pointy toes and they just don’t seem to be troubled? Looks great, but I do wonder what their feet look like and how their back and knees will be in the years to come. Heels (I keep typing ‘hells’!) for me are for dressing up – for ‘car to bar’ and back again. But they do make you feel great don’t they!

Pants or thongs, popsocks or stockings, it’s important to care for and about ourselves as best we can – at whatever age, because as a photographer who loves to empower women, I truly believe that there is no expiry date on beauty and sensuality.

Mae West put it her own way: “You are never too old to become younger!”  Hear hear!

She also said “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” So what’s ‘right’ about how we choose to dress? It’s what’s right for each of us as individuals. No, we don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style, and anyway, does it matter? The only opinion of yourself which matters, is that which you have of yourself. Please remember this if anyone makes you feel ‘less than’.

I am so excited about the fresh new Hotter collection; some fabulous young styles in pretty colours – comfort and style for pain-free walking! Bliss! And when a woman walks with a spring in her step, you know she feels good! Thank you Hotter!

Be fabulous!




Find out more about Susie at Inspirational Women and Women Of Spirit

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