Halloween’s back for another year of fun and frights! Bringing you nothing but the best in creepy-crawlies, thrills and life-like costumes, it’s easily one of the most exciting nights of the year. The 31st October is filled with weird and wonderful events but deciding which event to attend can sometimes seem like a mammoth task, that’s why we’ve put together a list of our top 5 Halloween events to attend in the UK this month.


1.  Hoghton Towers ghost tours, Lancashire

You’ll be left quaking in your Whisper boots after visiting Britain’s third most haunted house. Take a guided tour of Lancashire’s favourite ghoulish manor, as you’re led by silent torchbearers towards its most renowned paranormal hotspots. Tread carefully through underground passageways and listen to the Tower’s fascinating history as you wait for the spooky figures to reveal themselves.

Hoghton towers

Scary, interesting and fun for the bravest family members to enjoy, taking a trip down to Hoghton Tower, may be the best way to spend your Halloween this year. This exhilarating tour runs from the 28th October – November 12th , which means you can go again and again, or, if it gets too frightening, our much-loved Leanne II trainers are perfect for running away!

2.  The Sickness, London Bridge

Try not to panic as you make it through ‘The Sickness’ at London Bridge this October. This historical themed mystery is made to push you to your limits as chaos ensues. This adult-only event will have you escaping the feared Dr Natas as you follow a terrifying path towards mayhem.

last pic

You’ll need steady footing as you flee from the spooky Dr Natas and his staff and our Thor II GTX shoes are perfect for just that. Integrated Stability+ technology ensures each step is secure making them ideal for a variety of Halloween Events across London.

3.  Scarefest, Alton Towers

It’s been 15 years since Alton Towers hosted their first Scarefest and this year they plan to celebrate in style. Go on hair-raising rides, journey through their bewildering mazes, and visit the Alton Towers Dungeon for a truly terrifying adventure.

wicker-man alton T

There’s lots to see at Alton Tower’s Scarefest this year so you’re bound to spend a lot of time on your feet. That’s why our Gravity II shoes are just the shoe to make sure your feet are supported on the go with Cushion+ technology and mixed material uppers for protection from the cold Autumn weather.

4.  Scarecity, Manchester

If you’re looking for the ultimate thrill-seeking experience, Scarecity Manchester is definitely the place to go. The mile-long immersive experience will have you running in your Brisk Deck shoes out of shear fear. Live actors terrify you as you take the 2-hour long journey through multiple themed zones, so whether you’re in Nightmare Alley or in the Forest of Fears, Manchester’s Scarecity is sure to give you a fright!


You’ll need a pair of shoes that you can rely on as you travel through the world’s longest horror attraction, that’s why our Calypso II shoes  are simply perfect for this Halloween.

5.  Horror Night at The Bombed-Out Church, Liverpool

Liverpool is famous for its Halloween events, exciting Halloween themed parties, Day of the Dead celebrations and of course Horror Night at the Bombed Out Church. A great day out, this event lasts for just one day on October 29th and features hot drinks, a bar, and a variety of snacks so you can fully immerse yourself in the Halloween experience.


Showing the Horror classic ‘Hellraiser’ and scary movie ‘The Lighthouse’ hold on to your Chestnut boots this season as you experience a Halloween like never before, in the heart of Liverpool.