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Animal instincts- Abbeyville and Chelsea

This season our clever team of designers has been working hard to create a beautiful collection of shoes and boots that look amazing and offer the ultimate feel good sensation.


Ellspeth Robson, Hotter Senior Designer

It’s A Shoe Thing blog met with Hotter Senior Designer Ellspeth Robson who explained: “Our first priority every time is to make our footwear look appealing and this season we’ve added some really special finishes, colours and quirky little Hotter signature ‘twists’ so the handwriting on every pair is very much ours.  We’ve even kept a check on the latest trends, so you’ll find the 70s inspired heels and man-tailored brogues and penny loafers that are simply everywhere on the high street … only none will be as comfortable as ours because our overriding aim is to ensure our shoes have an inner beauty too!

“This season fans of our footwear will be delighted to discover a selection of extra hidden ingredients that really do enhance our comfort credentials. We’ve included elasticated zips in some of our taller boots so they will offer just a little more ‘give’ at the calf, we’ve introduced dual fittings for several men’s and women’s styles and the luxuriously comfortable memorise insoles that we’ve added to some of our active shoes are little cushioned miracles!”



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