Leather helps to create quality shoes that last. The leathers we use in our products offer durability, flexibility, breathability and softness to create premium, quality footwear.

Our product specialists carefully select the correct leather, nubuck or suede to match the category and character of each shoe we make. It’s to ensure that the product looks great, feels comfortable, is fit for purpose and fits beautifully.


LWG Assurance (Leather Working Group)

Leather Working Group is a not-for-profit organisation responsible for the world’s leading environmental certification in the leather manufacturing industry. Since 2005, LWD has identified best environmental practices within the industry and provided guidelines for continual improvement.

Simply put, our leathers are LWG-approved. Meaning our leathers are ethical, environmentally friendly, and sustainable.

Hotter classics

Our eight Hotter classic leathers are the ones we use widely across our footwear collections for their quality and durability. Each has a special place in our leather portfolio, offering specific features and benefits relevant to the shoes or boots we make with them.

Hotter Softy Leather


Hotter Softy leather is exclusive to Hotter, being the widely used leather in our collection. It is tumbled to enhance its natural grain and sourced from only the finest imported hides.

It’s soft yet extremely durable with a premium, rich, quality feel. It has a natural full grain to enhance its appearance and offers a subtle two-tone look across certain colours, which beautifully enhances the look and feel to our casual women’s shoes. Due to the tanning process and the way we finish our leather, Hotter Softy leather is an ideal material for any type of weather, being durable in wet weather with water resistant properties.

Vintage Leather


Our Vintage Leather has a unique lustre, with rich undertones and soft pull up. The leather boasts a beautiful grain with a characterful appearance, which means that the older it gets, the better it gets. We use Vintage Leather because it is hardwearing, durable and gives our casual shoes a quality, rugged, casual appeal.

Velvet Nubuck


Velvet Nubuck is made from the finest hides and has a softly buffed surface with no grain, creating a beautifully soft nubuck and a super-fine nap and handwriting effect, which is really soft to the touch. It’s widely used across collections, in either soft pastels, neutral tones or with rich, vibrant colours.

Soft Suede


Suede is leather that has been buffed on the inside to create a luxurious napped finish. The result is an extremely soft, supremely flexible and breathable product. Made perfect for our soft, slouchy casual styles and warm, cosy slippers. It also adds a premium touch to formal heels and smart-casual flats. Our suede is double-dyed to achieve quality, rich, deep tones.

Satin Touch Leather


Satin Touch is our softest leather, supremely crafted on a lightweight base to achieve a beautifully soft, smooth product that is tender to the touch. This leather is used across some of our bestselling styles. The character of the leather is smooth and exceptionally supple, making it ideal for everyday casual styles. Satin Touch metallic is our most premium metallic leather, offering light, bright and muted tones on an ultra-soft base.

Oil Aqua Nubuck


Oil Aqua Nubuck has a soft feel with a two-tone finish. Our product specialists specify this material for shoes and boots that include GORE-TEX technology, so it’s tried, tested, and approved by our technical partner GORE®. Guaranteed waterproof and perfect for the great outdoors. Expect this rugged nubuck to look better with wear.

Aqua Suede


Aqua Suede is enhanced with GORE-TEX product technology, ensuring that its application on our waterproof shoes and boots keep water out and keep feet inside warm and dry. Durable and breathable, Aqua Suede helps to create a quality walking shoe.

Polished Leather


Characterised by its smooth finish and tight grain, Polished Leather is durable and of high quality. Polished Leather is crafted from high quality hides immersed in dye to ensure maximum saturation. Its rich colouring makes it ideal for our premium men’s smart-casual styles.

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