To say thank you to all the amazing NHS staff and carers we asked you to nominate your hero and tell us why they would love a pair of Hotter shoes. We’ve been overwhelmed with the response and hearing about your heroes, each and every one of you are amazing!

Here’s some of your winning nominations:




Nominated by her friend Jan

“She is an Interventional Radiographer in NHS Highland working on cases that can sometimes take up to 6 hours to help save somebodys life or limb. She’s recently started learning how to work in the Cath Lab where anybody who is having a heart attack gets taken immediately for life saving treatment. She’s had to undergo rapid training in here due to COVID-19 and has been doing amazing! Comfortable shoes would make such a difference when you can be doing cases that last hours!”






Nominated by step daughter Gina

“He works for the NHS but behind the scenes at the hospital.  He is the one that fixes all the machines the hospital use from the drug pumps to the ICU equipment that help keep people alive. Without people like him in the hospitals, hospitals would have to wait long periods without equipment which can’t be done. Due to the restrictions, he has to work alone so to keep all the machines running single handed day by day is just amazing! An inspiration just like all NHS and Key Workers.”







Nominated by her daughter Freya

“My mum is a nurse practitioner and has been for over 35 years. In the past month or two, she has worked tirelessly, working 14 days in a row, working 12 hour shifts, and has given up her week of annual leave to go in and help people. She also comforted one of the receptionists at her work who had gotten overwhelmed and upset, and she took over her job for the afternoon and phoned around 100 patients for their prescriptions! She is so amazing at her job, and still managers to come home and make us all dinner! My mum loves her job and would do anything she could to help someone. She is so deserving of this gift, she would be ecstatic!”





Nominated by her father Davidc

“I nominate my daughter Bev who is working  as an Intensive are Nurse and cannot see her family for 12 weeks. She has never complained and is dedicated to her job at this awful time.  She works as a Nurse in Intensive Care at the Royal Preston Hospital and is dealing with the patients who have unfortunately been diagnosed with Coronavirus.”






Nominated by her friend Jane

“I would like to nominate a dear friend, Deirdre , who has returned from retirement to be the Director of Operations at NHS Nightingale London. She deserves to be comfy as she is surviving on four or five hours sleep.”





Nominated by her mum Barbara

“I nominate my daughter Ellen as she has been a nurse for over 20 years, She is the most caring person nurse and all her patents love her, she is totally committed care giver going above and beyond she suffers from chronic pain but she won’t give into it as she loves her vocation.”







Nominated by his friend Pam

“I would like to nominate Nick, he is a newly qualified Staff Nurse starting a new job in a new role in these challenging times, he works for Norfolk Community Health and Care. He truly deserves this, was a mature student and worked hard juggling work, student and family life, so dedicated.”







Nominated by her dad Ged

“My daughter, Katherine is a carer. She was 30 recently and spent the day working. She is one of two carers who split the week looking after a vulnerable adult 24 hours a day. During the covid-19 pandemic she works a 96 hour shift each week from Friday 10 am until Tuesday 10am.”









Nominated by his mum Michelle

“I would like to nominate my son Mathew. He has been a nurse for 10 years now and has worked in A & E, rehab, critical care unit, older persons, six months volunteering in Ghana Africa and he is completely dedicated – telling me on several occasions that he can’t imagine doing anything else. He has just received a promotion to manage a ward and it is a very hard time for him to be in this new role. He is doing very well and I am very proud of him.”





Nominated by her partner Steve

“My caring NHS hero is my partner Meg, she has been a nurse for the last 4 years, after having a tough time in her job last year, changing her role in Nursing only 6 weeks ago, she has now had to be redeployed, and has been moved onto an end of life ward , after being away from the ward environment for 3 years now. She has embraced this well and is doing all she can to help out in this situation. I am so proud of her for what she does and how she is putting her own life at risk to help others.”






Nominated by his wife Dawn

“I nominate my husband Ian, who is an oncology pharmacy manager in the NHS and goes above and beyond to help his cancer patients who have very compromised immune systems. He’s previously had two heart attacks and is vulnerable himself, but he just keeps on going.

“Very proud of him.”







Nominated by step mum Pauline

“Emma is an Infection Prevention and Control Specialist Nurse at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital in central Liverpool. She is therefore working on the frontline in the fight against Covid19.  She has worked at the hospital for almost 20 years but has had to deal with so much over the past few weeks, including handling the deaths of other nursing staff from the Liverpool workforce. Her role also includes the management of PPE within the hospital which puts her under intense pressure from understandably stressed out colleagues who aren’t able to access the protection that they need. Unfortunately, as we all know, the PPE shortage makes it impossible for Emma to procure all the equipment that is needed. She is working in an impossible role at this very stressful time, yet continues to work long hours to tackle the endless problems, including a recent run of nine days continuous work.”




Nominated by her mum Mary

“My daughter Louise Ellis is a nurse at a very busy hospital and also looks after her disabled husband who is waiting a transplant. She really does deserve a lovely pair of Hotter shoes.”








Nominated by one of her patients Jacqui

“I’d like to nominate my cancer specialist nurse Hillary at Dorchester County Hospital Dorset. I’m very lucky as I can contact Hillary at any time and she’s often sitting in on consultant appointments. Each time I see her she’s like a ray of sunshine always positive but honest. If she can help I know she will do her best for me.  Thank goodness for people like her.”




Nominated by her daughter Kate

“My mum has spent the last 18+ years doing everything she can to help her patients (and she is forever seeing to and helping our neighbours).  My mum decided late on in life to become a nurse and at the age of 40 made the hard decision to go to University to study to become a nurse. She did this with 3 young daughters (10, 10 and 7 at the time) at home, which also meant my dad was stuck entertaining us so that my mum could study.”




Nominated by her friend and colleague Louise

“Ruth is a specialist nurse in the plastic surgery trauma dept in Plymouth, we continue to be busy as people are still injuring themselves especially doing DIY or cooking during lockdown. We also continue with the cancer surgery and Ruth has an important role looking after these patients post operatively. She works full-time and is a single Mum to her 3 children.

“She always goes the extra mile for her patients (and then often runs home after her shift to fit in her daily exercise!) I know she would love a pair of Hotter shoes.”





Nominated by her friend Elizabeth

“Heather is a wonderful lady who works at Pendruccombe Nursing Home in Launceston. She is the activities coordinator and is very creative at finding things for the residents to do. This is more difficult since visiting singers has stopped and the residents can’t have visits from their loved ones.

“Heather puts in a lot of time at home preparing special things for her residents. She is a loving and caring person due to celebrate her 60th birthday this summer although her plans for this have had to be postponed. What would be nicer than a special thank you from Hotter?”





Nominated by her mum Sally

“I would like to nominate my daughter Alice Jones who works in a local community pharmacy. She has continued to work professionally always with a smiling face . To begin with they had no PPE, now wearing full face shields. They work almost shoulder to shoulder but take every effort to protect the public.  Alice has given up her holiday when it was evident that their store had an increase in workload.

“She is the only one in our household that is going to work as her 2 brothers remain at home as both employed in the arts.  She has even offered to pay us more rent to help cover the expense of her brothers.”







Nominated by her nan Jan

“I nominate my grand daughter Chloe to be one of your caring heroes. Having completed a drama degree last summer, she was working in hospitality to fund a years travel. When lockdown happened, she had no job and no income, so applied for a role on NHS ambulances. After just two weeks training, she was then working full time out in the work force.

“She is another one of our family’s heroes.”








Nominated by her mum Tiffany

“I’d like to nominate my daughter Katie, she’s a key worker carer and is only 21, she’s working long hard hours looking after those that need her care, she’s tired and she’s scared and her hands are raw from washing them loads.

“They have cases of covid at her care home and so times are even scarier now and less staff so longer hours meaning longer on foot. I’d love to be able to give her some new comfy shoes, I’m super proud of her and can’t wait to give her a hug when we’re allowed to, here she is in happier times on her 21st birthday.”





Nominated by her colleague Claire

“I would like to nominate my colleague Claire. She is a neonatal intensive care nurse who is working full time around homeschooling her two small & very energetic boys. She is an amazing member of our team who also works really hard to support the student nurses and midwives as Student Practice Educator.

“Neonatal intensive care is a warm environment on the best of days due to the tiny humans and numerous machines we use to support them. Our jobs have been made increasingly challenging and HOTTER by wearing full PPE.”








Nominated by her neighbour Deborah

“I want to nominate my lovely next door neighbour Sharon  who is a very experienced and dedicated nurse at Spalding in Lincolnshire. Sharon has served in the NHS for many years and is due to retire soon.

“She deserves this nomination because she is not only a genuine, lovely, caring person but also because she and her husband were due to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary this month and mark that and her retirement with a trip back to Antigua where they got married. This had to be cancelled due to this terrible situation. I would love to brighten her day with this lovely, generous gift from Hotter – supporting her feet and holding her up when she & her colleagues need it most.”





Nominated by her daughter Nats

“My Mum is a healthcare assistant in the local Eye Outpatient Department who are still running daily clinics to prevent their patients from going blind. A lot of the patients who visit the department are elderly, who if their treatment is stopped, will lose their vision so the clinic is vital in preventing this. My Mum bravely goes into work everyday with the fear of coronavirus hanging over her to prolong her patient’s sight. The department is based in a hospital filled with Covid patients so the threat to the staff in all areas is very real. They have to wear full PPE even in the outpatient departments. Tomorrow my Mum is going for her “upskilling” training to prepare her for being moved into one of the many intensive care units within the hospital. This means she will be heading to the front line of the NHS within the next few days as will all outpatient staff. I can’t imagine how scared she must be for herself at this time, but I do know she is selflessly scared for her Eye Clinic patients who will no longer be receiving their regular treatment and will potentially be going blind. This is why my Mum is my NHS hero.”



Nominated by her daughter Samantha

“Please can I nominate my mum Gina – she is a health care assistant on the critical care unit at the Norfolk and Norwich university Hospital. Her and her colleagues are working frontline supporting those with covid 19.

“She works long hard and tiring shifts , but she loves her job and always goes above and beyond and she totally deserves a treat!”





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Nominate Your Hero

We’re still celebrating your heroes by picking a winner every day until the end of lockdown and would love to hear more of your nominations, simply email us at [email protected]

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