1st October 2021 marks this year’s National Poetry Day. So, naturally, we asked the Hotter team to get inspired and give poetry a good old go – and it appears we have some professional poets in our team!


Customer Service Advisor

I work for a firm, Hotter Shoes,

Who’s styles come in different hues,

They’re made on machines,

In Pinks, Browns and Greens,

And also in Reds, Whites and Blues.


Store Manager, Cirencester Store

There once was a shop called Hotter

With Shoes and Boots now it’s colder.

Tan, Red, Black and Blue,

Available colours to mention a few.

Pop onto our scanner

It’s over here under the banner

Come to the shop called Hotter

We will ensure your visit isn’t a bother.



The colder months are here

And boot season is stirring.

Jumpers are out

Chilled winds, whirring.

Coats are zipping up

And we’re all keeping cosy

Leaves dancing around us

Playing ring-around-a-rosy.

Keeping warm keeps us content,

Snuggled with hats and scarfs

And that ‘just rained’ scent.

We crave comfort in times like these.

Sore feet and numbed toes

Shielded against the harsh breeze.

But when strolling amongst the Autumn hues,

You can’t get more comfortable

Than in a pair of Hotter Shoes.


Team Leader,
Contact Centre

At the end of British Summer time the sun will hide away.

The bright colours of the flowers will die and fade away.

The trees of green will change to yellow, reds and browns,

Then shed their leaves and lay a carpet, soft upon the ground.

Not everyone will like this and will often wear a frown.


As the days get shorter, the nights will last longer.

Oh, to be able to wear clothes that are cosy, soft, and warm

That will make you want to snooze and yawn.

You will change from colourful sandals to heavy boots and shoes

And where could you buy these, to fit with such perfection,

From Hotter! Then you’ll be walking in the right direction.


Wholesale Sales Advisor

The morning arrives but night-time lingers

As a sleeping MIST blankets the hills.

In the woods a leaf falls from woody fingers

Lands with a MURMUR and softly stills.

There’s a WHISPER stirring in the trees

As crispy leaves TURN to TOASTY hue.

Autumn’s arrived on a pine-scented breeze,

Coating the land in a cobweb dew.

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