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Travelling In Style

Pat’s 1955 MG

We were on our way to Oban this Summer in our 1955 MG when I took this photo. Inside the Hotter carrier bag were two pairs of Hotter shoes, Kinetic and Solar. I was wearing a third pair, Astrid, as they were SO comfortable to travel in.

We have had the car, nicknamed Friedel for 52 years! She’s a most reliable car and has never let us down, expect for once when the windscreen wipers packed up during a deluge which lasted two hours. I had to work them manually and felt like my hand would drop off any minute.

P.S I’ve been wearing Hotter shoes for over 17 years and wouldn’t wear any other brand EVER!

Pat Stubbs, UK



Life changing shoes

Many years ago, I fell and had a compound Potts fracture of the ankle which resulted in full fusion of the ankle and no movement what so ever. A few years ago and English friend recommend Hotter, so I tried them and was seriously hooked! I have just come back from 8 weeks in the UK and a Baltic cruise and for the first time for many years I walked over 10k steps almost every day, pain free. Thank you to all at Hotter who made this sort of trip possible, and allow me to still look really smart and stylish.

Kate Muir, Australia


Hotter Original Leanne

Rainy days

I bought a new pair of your Leanne shoes and wore them on a holiday to Croatia. In Dubrovnik, we were caught in a violent rainstorm and under a portico on a pavement watched as the water rose to our shoes then to our knees. We waded back to the coach so the shoes were soaked for two hours. I stuffed them with hotel flannels, putting them in the shade on the balcony. They came up as good as new!

Elizabeth Brown, Northwich, UK


A decade with Shake

I bought a pair of your Shake shoes about 10 years ago. I have worn them every single day for work and they are still going strong. How many cars will survive that long, washing machines or sofas? They’ve seen me through recession, banking collapse, house move, the birth of three grandchildren and a three year course of study in Accident and Safety Management. So, well done, you’ve done me proud.

Kate Marsh, West Yorkshire, UK

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