Vintage enthusiast Melonie Clarke shares her love for vintage style and her tale of discovery to find the perfect vintage pair…

The first vintage item I ever bought was a 1950s compact mirror when I was at a festival as a teenager. Amongst the mud and dirt of the festival, it was a real magpie moment when the gold little compact caught my eye.

Since then, my love for vintage has continued to grow; I love old music (anyone wanting to listen to something modern would struggle with my iPod); my first car was a classic car and despite it breaking down the odd time, my Morris Minor still gave me immense joy; my wardrobe is full of either vintage or vintage inspired reproduction clothing; and I go to dances every week, learning how to Charleston and Lindy Hop.

Maybe it’s my love for old films and the romance that seems to go with them, but when my grandparents would say to me ‘you were born in the wrong era’, I would always have to agree.

But when it comes to vintage there is one area I struggle with and being a size six/seven, wide footed girl that’s shoes.

I do actually own one pair of vintage shoes. It was a real Holy Grail moment and I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t take much notice of the price tag – these were a precious cargo and I was having them no matter what.

Happily my search for vintage inspired shoes is a great deal easier as there are so many great brands that specialise in clothing and footwear for the woman who loves nostalgia.

Hotter, I discovered was one of these brands last year and finding a high street brand whose shoes have that vintage charm made my day.

At the Spring/Summer 2016 press preview of their new collection I thought ‘hang on just one minute..!’ as the penny dropped, the excitement built, and I fell in love with the 1930s-esque Sandy shoe in mustard. But the Sandy shoe isn’t the only offering, the website (and their stores) are awash with cute wedges and t-bar shoes, all of which I would be more than happy to have in my wardrobe.

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For anyone who dances like me, these shoes won’t be suitable for the dance floor – their rubber soles won’t allow for spinning on even the most highly polished floor. But what does it matter? I have reproduction shoes I wear just for dancing and those I wear day to day.

Despite their shoes not being dance floor appropriate, there are lots of things I really love about them. Their super comfortable for one and I can wear a pair all day without any complaints. I also love the price point. In my search for beautiful shoes with vintage charm, I’ve found it’s easy to spend up to £200 on a pair of shoes, or if your me, two pairs of the same shoes in different colours amounting to £210 in the end – oops.

Obviously I can’t got around spending money like that on shoes all the time so hotter is perfect if I need something pretty but don’t want to break the bank. The Sandy shoes for example, from the Summer collection, came in at £85 but were just £65 in the sale – a bit of a bargain if you ask me.


So as my love for vintage and vintage inspired items continues to grow, I can’t wait to see what little gems Hotter will bring each new season.

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About Melonie…

Melonie has loved everything vintage since she was a teenager;the music, fashion, the dances, and lifestyle. Her blog, The Forgotten Flapper is all about her love of swing dancing and vintage and she has been working as a journalist for four years. Follow her vintage adventures on Instagram @meloniec_90

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