As a nation, we love to read. Whether reading as existing bookaholics, the occasional reader, or from a hobby picked up over many a lockdown – we’re always looking for recommendations for our next read. The best place to start? Ones considered to be must-read books.

Every month, we’ll be adding 5 book recommendations to the list, brought to you by our customers and the Hotter team.

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One of Colin’s (Canterbury Store) must-read books.

Whether a Queen fan or not, this book offers a fascinating insight to into the life of Freddie Mercury. This biography focuses on the period in the 1980s between the band’s fragmentation and before their Live Aid performance.

Lesley-Ann Jones “meticulously researched” to shed light onto the life of the band’s iconic front man, what the cameras and fans never saw, by documenting the early days before Queen up until Freddie Mercury’s final days.

One of Stuart’s (CRM Marketing Executive) must-read books.

For you Fantasy fans, Brent Weeks’ Night Angel trilogy is the perfect next read.

Raised on the streets, young boy Azoth finds an opportunity in his continuous fight for survival. He begins working for the city’s most feared, yet legendary, assassin Durzo Blint. New to this dangerous world and under the assassin’s teachings, Azoth must learn to navigate through new risks of politics and magic on the road to becoming a trained killer like his teacher.

One of Adrian’s (Ecommerce Executive) must-read books.

“There’s a simple way of thinking, acting and doing that, once learned, will make sure you get the very best out of everything.”

Flip It takes situations we face every day and challenges you on how to interpret and handle them. Any stresses, frustrations or lacking motivation and inspiration – this book shows you powerful, simple steps to 'flip' your thinking to get the very best from life. It is a liberting read, showing you “how to make sure you never have a ‘bad day’ ever again.”

One of Deborah’s (Digital Partnerships Executive) must-read books.

A cross between Agatha Christie, Quantum Leap and Groundhog Day!

Winner of the Costa First Novel Award in 2018, Stuart Turton’s debut brings a “mind-blowing murder mystery”. A celebration turns to tragedy when the young lady of the house is killed. Aiden, a guest of the party, is determined to find her killer, and soon finds the day repeating over and over again.

Waking each day in the body of another guest, the only way Aiden can break the cycle is to solve Evelyn Hardcastle’s murder.

One of Chloe’s (Cambridge Store) must-read books.

Focusing on evidence from recent years, this biography takes a fresh look at the issues that came to Anne Boleyn’s downfall. 480 pages establishes her importance and influence as a patron of the arts and her interest in debates, all thanks to significant advances in research.

If you are fascinated by history as much as Chloe, this is a book you’ll be going back to again and again. Chloe is such a history-buff that she bought this book from the Tower of London and immediately sat down at one of their benches and read it!

One of Vic's (Chief Commercial Officer) must-read books.

This is one of the must-read books everyone should pick up at least once. A coming-of-age, anti-racist and historical drama all in one, To Kill a Mockingbird ticks all the boxes by addressing prejudice and discrimination through the innocent eyes of children.

It follows Scout Finch and her brother, Jem, while their lawyer father strives to prove a black man's innocence of a crime, much against their town's unjust views. No matter your age or when you read this, their father, Atticus Finch, is a hero to all.

One of Deb's (Lead Designer) must-read books.

The 2006 film starring Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, and Emily Blunt was a novel 3 years prior. Even better, The Devil Wears Prada is a 3-part series. You can read what comes next in Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns and When Life Gives You Lululemons. 

Read more about the boss-from-hell, Miranda Priestly, and the unbearable tasks she throws at protagonist Andrea. Love the film? This may just be one of the must-read books to try this month.

One of Colin's (Canterbury store) must-read books.

Most would just recommend The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings. Not us. We go that step further by recommending the book that came after them, on the events that came before.

Covering the events of the First Age and the creation of Middle Earth, The Silmarillion sets the foundations and histories for the tales we know and love. Considered the Bible of the Elves, all questions you have for Middle Earth and its histories are answered. The Silmarillion is definitely worth the read.

One of Becky's (Copywriter) must-read books.

Listed as a Young Adult book, The Book Thief reads and resonates as anything but. Narrated by Death during WWII, this tale follows a girl during the war and politics in Germany. Being taught to read by her foster father, Liesel learns the magic of words and starts stealing books from book burnings, begins to write her own manuscript and shares the wonders of language to Max, a Jewish man her foster parents are hiding in the basement.

With a unique, clever voice and both a heart-warming and heart-wrenching tale, this story needs to be added to your must-read books list.

One of Carla's (Customer Service Advisor) must-read books.

We all love a mystery. While any of JD Kirk's works were recommended as must-read books, where better to start than the first of the DCI Jack Logan novels? A Litter of Bones is a classic race-against-the-clock crime novel with all the thrills of a dark mystery. This starts the gripping whirlwind of a much-loved Scottish crime series.

The author's debut crime thriller, A Litter of Bones follows a missing child case that follows the similar patterns of a serial killer our protagonist convicted ten years ago. While reliving the chilling case, DCI Jack Logan must decide if he got the wrong man and, if so, must stop this missing child from becoming the serial killer's fourth victim. All while keeping secrets of his own.

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