How many hours sleep is typical for you? Less than 6? More than 8? With the help of one of our models and Manuka Life Creative Director Sarah here’s some advice on why getting enough sleep is important and how you can sleep well.



A good night sleeping well is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, I’m sure you’ve realised by now that a good, restful night will set you up for a much happier, more productive day than when you’re tired and feel sluggish.

It’s also great for your metabolism and making sure your body is working in tip-top condition. The recommended amount of sleep every night is 7-9 hours but for a lot of people it’s not as easy at counting back eight hours from your alarm and lying down to just fall straight to sleep. It’s important to give yourself time to wind-down and let your body relax in order to get a good quality, uninterrupted night of sleep.


The best ways of doing that are:


– Stay away from bright lights before you go to bed, shut the curtains, turn off any screens. Dimmed, calming lighting will put you in a more restful, sleepy mood. Light tells your mind that it’s still daytime and stops you from being able to fall asleep easily.



– Treat yourself to a relaxing bath or shower before bed, listen to soothing music or even meditate. You could also do some bedtime yoga, there are plenty of brilliant YouTube tutorials giving bedtime yoga routines that we love.


– A bedtime routine is so important, train your mind by doing things like taking off your make-up, brushing your teeth, changing into pyjamas and going to bed around the same time every night. You may feel the need to mix up your routine and allow yourself hours of extra “catch-up” sleep on the weekends but this can often just disrupt your sleep routine, keep your Sunday morning lie-in minimal.


– Have a caffeine cut-off. Stop drinking caffeinated drinks around mid-afternoon to give them a chance to leave your body before bedtime. Stick with fruit tea after about 3pm or if you need coffee have de-caff. Too often people end up in a cycle of being sleep deprived and running off caffeine instead of rest.


– Create a calm sleep environment, this is a great excuse to treat yourself and buy some new luxury, soft bedding, you could also add relaxing, lavender room sprays or whatever else you need in order to create a relaxing place to unwind and fall asleep.



It’s time to start paying attention to your body and putting yourself first, don’t listen to the workaholics who boast about only sleeping a few hours every night, making you feel guilty for not working until midnight. A good night’s sleep will mean you’re more focussed in the day and will ultimately get more done.


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About Sarah…



“There is no other brand for me where three generations can all find something they love my mother, granny and I all adore Hotter and my niece is next! Not just comfort, on trend comfort ….Being part of the Hotter campaign was truly wonderful. To work with such a kind and creative team I feel I have made friends for life”

Sarah Jane MacDonnell (Sarah Mac) born 25th June 1978 is an English Actress/Model and Creative Director of Manuka life. She was born in Bristol and grew up in Malvern. She moved to London at age 17 years old after being offered a contract from Select Modeling Agency now represented by Models One. She did A-levels in Theatre studies and Dance and went to Northern Contemporary but on receiving a contract with one of the worlds leading agencies moved to London to pursue her career in modeling which led her to Manuka Life London

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