The third installment in our Mind, Body and Sole series with health and wellbeing blogger Laura Agar Wilson, focuses on ‘Feeling Good’. We often don’t take enough time out of our day to look after ourselves and stress can be a major factor in a modern, hectic lifestyle. Here we look at everything from Self Love to re-connecting with the loved ones around you.

Taking care of you

These days it might feel like you’re taking care of everyone except yourself! Combine that with the way some forms of media can make us feel about ourselves and our bodies and you might even find that you aren’t very kind to yourself physically or mentally. Self-love and self-care go hand in hand as a way of reclaiming yourself and your worth.


Self love

Self-love is about valuing yourself regardless of any perceived flaws you think you have. It’s about connecting with the worth you have, simply because you exist. Many women have experienced things that leave them feeling worthless, guilty and not enough. Self-love is about reclaiming a feeling of inner confidence and worth. Think about how you love a child, you love them unconditionally and as a complete being including their imperfections. Self-love is feeling that same unconditional love for yourself. It’s not something that comes easily, but it’s worth making the effort!

Self care

Self-care is so closely related to self-love. It’s about getting your own needs met in whatever way that might be. It’s focusing on the things that are serving you. It doesn’t mean that you’re choosing to put yourself over other people (although it certainly can mean that at times!) it’s just about valuing yourself enough to get what you need to thrive. That might mean more naps, removing yourself from friendships you find draining and eating well so you have more energy.

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Feeling good

January is notoriously a depressing month once you get out of the New Year period and back into your usual routines. Luckily there are plenty of things you can do to beat the January blues.

Get outdoors

When the weather isn’t horrid or dangerously icy getting out and about is a great way to get some natural daylight and get active, which in turn raises your level of endorphin’s those feel-good hormones.

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Cosy up inside

When the weather is a little less inviting staying in but making your environment, a cosy haven is a great way to feel good. The Danish call this concept ‘Hygge’ (pronounced hoo-ga) and it’s one of the reasons they’ve been named the happiest people in the world.

Take your vitamin D

It’s now recommended that everyone take a vitamin D supplement in the darker months. Vitamin D may have links with mood and immunity so ensure you’re taking this supplement.

Connect with the people you love

It may be a time of year for hibernating but don’t allow that to turn into loneliness. Make plans with friends and family, even if that’s staying at home to cook together or watch a film.

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I really hope these tips have inspired you with new ways to become healthier and happier in 2017!

You can find all of Laura’s tips and advice on healthy living and wellbeing on the beautifully curated Whole Heartedly Healthy blog. Be inspired by the host of delicious recipes, easy to follow exercises and healthy living guidance that has helped Laura to lose a staggering 6 stone in weight over the past few years.

Laura’s view on healthy living:

‘It’s so much more than just food and exercise. It’s your mindset, how you feel about your body, how you express yourself, your style, your environment and what you put on your skin. It’s whether or not the job you do makes you happy, your stress levels, quality of sleep, your relationships and your finances. Yes, food and exercise are really important, but to me, health is a culmination of all of those things.’

We couldn’t agree more, discover Laura’s blog here.

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