An accidental, body positive advocate, blogger Hayley Angell shares her tips on how you can look and feel fabulous – and keep an eye out for her favourite new shoes that are helping her keep active in style and comfort!

Hayley tells us putting fun at the centre of your fitness resolutions could be the difference between tasting success or giving up before you’ve started. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in keeping fit in the previous couple of months, it’s the importance of making exercise and fitness something you look forward to, rather than something you dread! Try these fun fitness ideas on for size….


Take a 4-week fun challenge

Hayley tries out some tough fitness challenges as part of her Look Fabulous, Feel Fabulous initiative

Committing to try a different sport or activity every week for 12 weeks is one of the wackiest and unexpectedly healthy choices I’ve made in a long time… and you can too! Take a minute in your day to brainstorm a list of sports or activities you’ve always fancied trying or that seem like a bit of a laugh – don’t let your perceptions of what is ‘real’ exercise stop you from adding anything to your list (a good rule: if it sounds enjoyable and exerts more energy than your favourite box set on the couch – it makes the cut!). Circle your top four and start doing some Googling in your local area for classes or sessions. Many teams, trainers, schools and instructors have introductory or taster rates for a special low fee and – more often than not – they will invite you to try free of charge. You can have a whole month of free fun and fitness (seriously, who doesn’t need FREE in the weeks after Christmas?) and you’ll be much more likely to stick with the activity that speaks to you most.

These Leanne trainers are the perfect all-rounder for whatever tickles your fun fitness fancy! Today I’m out for a game of tennis… tomorrow it could be pole fitness, belly dancing, rugby 7s or rock climbing!


My Leanne shoes stood up to the test at the squash court

Trade coffee and cake for walking dates

My friend Patricia and I work the latest trainer trend while catching up on all the gossip. Patricia wears Gravity in white while I’ve opted for stone. Gravity’s simple, stylish design and all-day comfort make it the perfect choice for our brew on the move!

There’s few things more enjoyable than a good ol’ natter over a cuppa with your best girlfriends – decadent cake included! Why not support each other in building a more active lifestyle by grabbing a take-away drink and hitting the pavement instead? You can regale tales of your boss’ latest foible, debrief her sister’s wedding or hatch a plan for your summer holiday, all while sipping tea and getting your daily step count up too.

Given our work lives are too often spent chained to desks – a brisk walk and fresh air will have you both feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the week ahead.

A new style in Spring 2017, Gravity.

Trade the park-bench for the great outdoors

Hayley takes to the great outdoors to try out her Summit GTX® boots

With a new four-legged friend in tow, I wondered why the extra hour I was taking out for walkies was having little to no impact on my waistline… until I realised my pooch was doing all the walking and me all the talking! I had fallen into the park-bench trap – watching on with fellow dog owners while our pups jumped and played. Two friends with children told me they had also been snared by the local park-bench! Get your walking boots on and get outdoors. The Great British countryside has everything to delight two-legged and four-legged alike and undoubtedly there’s a country park or nature reserve just on your doorstep.

Explore in style with bestseller Mist GTX®

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About Hayley…


Hayley Angell is a Glasgow-based entertainer and fun-loving YouTuber. Follow her journey on her YouTube channel.

Photography credit: PJ Philips Photography




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