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The New Year is a time when we set ourselves new goals and ambitions and find ways to revitalise the mind and body, and with the help of one of our models (and Manuka Life Creative Director) Sarah, here’s some tips on how cycling and running could make a difference to your wellbeing in 2018.


Five Benefits of Cycling

The benefits of cycling are numerous, we’ve rounded up the top five to help you get motivated this Summer. Why pick cycling over running? Well…

Low Impact

If you are a keen runner but suffer from running-related injuries, cycling is the perfect low-impact workout that still gets you outside and active. On a bike you can go further for longer without experiencing the same inflammation, soreness and muscle damage that can occur with long-distance runs.

Travel Faster

Cycling instead of walking means you’ll get everywhere faster, while it also offers a much greener alternative to driving, as well as the ability to avoid traffic and it’s a great alternative to public transport. If you already own a bike it’s a completely free form of transport, if you don’t, it’s very easy to pick on up for less than £100 on local buy and sell sites, you’ll be sure to save over time in comparison to petrol or transport costs.


It’s the perfect activity for the whole family, or even a bike ride with friends. There is a huge cycling community, it’s easy to find some really useful websites like which is great for finding other cycling enthusiasts to join you, as well as sites that show you the nearest cycle paths. Taking up cycling could be the perfect hobby if you’ve recently moved to help you find new friends!

It Has Health Benefits Over Running

Cycling has all the main cardiovascular benefits of running, but you get some added extras when you hop on a bike, including better balance and increased muscle mass from extra resistance as you ride. It’s also lower impact so you’re less likely to suffer from conditions related to running such as knee or back issues.


There’s a reason bike rides are a timeless favourite enjoyed by the whole family, it’s the kind of activity where you can have fun at any age and even any environment. Cities are the perfect place to ride around and visit local attractions and countryside bike rides can result in some beautiful scenery. So what are you waiting for?

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Five Benefits of Running

There are numerous physical and mental benefits of running, below we have outlined some of the best ones to inspire you to get your trainers on and go for a run.

Physical health benefits

Cardiovascular, aerobic exercise is fantastically beneficial for a number of different health concerns, as most people know. Regular exercise and getting your heart-rate up can make you live longer, improve your blood pressure, reduce your risk of diabetes, and of course give you stronger bones and muscles, including your heart and lungs.

Mental health benefits

Not just your body but your mind can benefit from running too. Regular runners report having a better mood throughout the day, better sleep at night and less day-to-day stress. This in turn makes it a great tool for overcoming depression and other mental-health issues, in fact it’s great for pretty much every aspect of your health.

Enhanced brain function

Going for a run can cause your concentration to improve, this makes it ideal for office-workers who struggle to get into the flow of things Monday and have tuned out by Friday. Maximise your concentration with the increased blood flow to your brain from running. Studies have even found short-term cardiovascular exercise can reduce effects of learning disabilities in children, improving their ability to concentrate and learn in school, so why not get the little ones involved too.

The ease and cost

One of the main appeals of running as a form of exercise is that it’s the easiest thing to do. Obviously it’s not easy to run a marathon or even a 5k for the average newbie-runner, but it’s super easy to start, even though you may find it tough to get into the routine. Getting a pair of trainers on and running around the block is free, requires no training or equipment and can be done while listening to your favourite tunes or audiobook.

The Running Community

There’s a huge running community all over the world, it’s relatively easy to find a local running club, people of all abilities who are looking for others to run with. One of the great things about running is that almost anyone can do it, if you can’t take your partner, friends or family, head online or even to your local park and you’re sure to find like-minded running fans. There are also some great apps that help measure your progress, making sure that beating your best time is a fantastic feeling of achievement.

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About Sarah…


“There is no other brand for me where three generations can all find something they love my mother, granny and I all adore Hotter and my niece is next! Not just comfort, on trend comfort ….Being part of the Hotter campaign was truly wonderful. To work with such a kind and creative team I feel I have made friends for life”

Sarah Jane MacDonnell (Sarah Mac) born 25th June 1978 is an English Actress/Model and Creative Director of Manuka life. She was born in Bristol and grew up in Malvern. She moved to London at age 17 years old after being offered a contract from Select Modeling Agency now represented by Models One. She did A-levels in Theatre studies and Dance and went to Northern Contemporary but on receiving a contract with one of the worlds leading agencies moved to London to pursue her career in modeling which led her to Manuka Life London.


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