We have introduced you to several stars of our Hotter Originals video, next in the spotlight are Vicky, Steven and Tommy, who between them have worked at Hotter for over 85 years!



Meet Vicky – Samples Co-Ordinator


Describe the main tasks you do on a daily basis.

I am responsible for making sure the test pairs of our final products meet the design and technical team’s expectations. I look after them from moulding to quality control and lastly the final checks.

What part of your job makes you happiest?

Following the development of a pair of shoes from the ‘idea’ stage to seeing them featured in the catalogue.

Do you have any relatives working at Hotter?

Yes, my sister! She has been at Hotter for 45 years!

Which words sum up Hotter to you?

British, dedication and passion.

Why do you like working at Hotter?

I have worked here for 35 years from leaving school and have seen a lot of changes. I am proud to work in a company that has achieved so much and that I have been part of the journey.

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Meet Tommy – Maintenance Engineer


Describe the main tasks you do in your job

I make sure that all the production machines that make our shoes are running to the best of their ability, so our shoes are finished to the highest quality.

What part of your job makes the most difference to the quality of our shoes?

It’s very important to make sure that all the components of the machines and moulds are in tip top shape. Without this the shoes wouldn’t fulfil our high standard.

What part of your job makes you happiest?

I love spending time in the workshop, developing new ideas for our production machines.


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Meet Steven – Quality Control Co-Ordinator


When did you start working at Hotter?

14th July 1997!

What do you like most about working at Hotter?

I have been in shoe manufacturing for 47 years, the last 19 years working at Hotter. I’m proud to say we make the most comfortable, beautiful shoes in the world. We have an extremely organised factory which helps everything run smoothly.

What part of your job makes the most difference?

Ensuring our shoes look and feel fantastic, when our customers open the shoebox I want them to fall in love instantly with their new shoes.

Do you have any relatives working at Hotter?

Yes, my wife Joan Stewart, Factory Manager.

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