Suzanne decided to get her first dog when her son was fourteen: 

“He was very afraid of dogs and we wanted to help him overcome this, so we got Ben, a dachshund collie cross from a rescue centre.

“Then, seven years later, my youngest son wanted his own dog so we adopted Lucy, a rescue greyhound.  We went back to the centre about a year later to show them how Lucy was getting on and just as we were leaving we saw Max, a greyhound collie cross, but my husband was insistent that we couldn’t have three dogs.

“I didn’t sleep at all that night,” said Suzanne, from Huddersfield, “so we went back for him the next day.”

Walking dogs keeps you mentally happy.

Walking dogs keeps you mentally happy.

We love Ben's doggy buggy!

We love Ben’s doggy buggy!

The dogs get on really well and snuggle up together, they have separate food bowls but all eat out of the same one as they are worried the other has something better.”

“You daren’t say ‘walkies’ in our house as its pandemonium!  They all get excited and Lucy’s tail is wagging like mad and she is running around in circles as you are trying to get the lead on her.  Ben is an old man now and can’t really walk far so if he comes along he is in the dog buggy.”

“They are just like humans really, you need to take them out so they can get some fresh air and stimulation and we’re always stopping to talk to people – it’s like being famous but without the money!”


      Why do you love Hotter?

Having comfortable feet all day long is so important.

Suzanne has worn Hotter shoes for many years now.  She has wide feet and finds that she can get a range of shoes that fit her needs.  “They are really comfortable and well-made and the customer service is great,” she explained. “I can wear them all day so I have smart ones for school or band concerts and others for weekend and I’ve even bought them for my husband and my son too.”

Walkies in Hotter Originals

Suzanne, and her dogs, opted to go for #HotterWalkies in a pair of Hotter Original Whisper boots.  Whisper is a dream to wear and makes a great boot for all seasons, thanks to its soft, leather or suede uppers, space for toes to wiggle and flex and cosy faux fur lining.  Whisper, which is made in our British factory, has soles filled with millions of air bubbles making it incredibly lightweight, supportive and durable.

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