Meet Christine: A True Hotter Original

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Over a series of posts, we’ll be introducing you to the stars of our Hotter Originals video, second up is Christine, one of our Factory trainers, who recently won our Outstanding Contribution Award.


Q. When did you start working at Hotter?

A. 15 years ago!

Q. Describe the main tasks you undertake in your role

A. I help to recruit new team members, deliver training to new and existing staff, look after risk assessments and I am also an NVQ assessor.

Q. What do you like most about working at Hotter?

A. There is a great support network and a real sense of teamwork.

Q. What part of your job makes you happiest and why?

A. There is no better feeling than watching team members gain knowledge, understanding and gaining the confidence to make decisions.

Q. What part of your job makes the most difference to our customers and the product?

A. The time I invest in new team members, ensuring they reach their full potential and that they meet our expectations.

Q. When you’re not at Hotter, what do you like to do?

A. Cake making is one of my favourite hobbies, I once made a cake for Hotter which was a replica of our Shake shoe, it tasted very good too!

If you haven’t seen the video or would like to find out more about the Originals collection, click play below or visit here.

The Original Pair

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Sugar is available in colours Black, Navy, Dark Teal, Pebble Grey and Blue River.


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  • mrs.b .staples says:

    Hi to every one at hotter ,I recently bough t another pair of hotter walking shoes “mist” and can’t wait to wear them this week on our week up the lake district I know they will be just as comfortable as my other pair and my walking boots as I have never had any hesitation in ordering any styles what so ever of your wonderful shoes since my very first pair I wore, I now have about 16pairs of various styles including shoes,sandals walking boots and walking shoes and have just ordered “stellar” and can’t wait to wear them although I really want to keep them for our holiday to ‘lake garda’in may but don’t think I will be able to wait that long I know I will always have “happy feet” no matter which pair I have on ,they have been a godsend for my troublesome feet thankyou for your excellent service every time I order from you

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