“Pollydog is a twelve-year-old collie cross who came from Manchester Dogs Home. She is totally loyal and gives structure to my day. I am seventy and she is the reason I get out of the bed every morning. At 3pm she starts pacing; ready for the afternoon stroll so it’s on with the Hotter boots whatever the weather and away we go.”

Having a dog makes you get out and focus on the day.

Having a dog makes you get out and focus on the day.

Annette discovered Pollydog just as she was about to leave the dogs home after what she thought was a fruitless visit :

She keeps me fit, healthy and happy.

She keeps me fit, healthy and happy.

“The lady with her said no one wanted her as she had slight carpal tunnel , which gave her a limp. I knew straight away I would take her, the lady said she might only have 5 or 6 years left but I wanted to  make sure she had a nice life.  My son said ‘that dog has won the lottery’ but I believe it’s me who has won the lottery.”

Annette, from Hyde, is a retired magistrate and is an active member of a ‘wonderful group of people striving to keep the countryside beautiful for the public to enjoy ’ and even finds time to enjoy line dancing.

For her 70th birthday she treated her family to a holiday and packed four pairs of Hotter shoes for the occasion.

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Why do you love Hotter?

“I’ve been  wearing Hotter shoes for years after coming across them during a coach trip – it was like putting on a glove.  I went to church and soon all the ladies were wearing the same Dew shoes!

“I’ve recently got into the boots too, they are very lightweight and I’ve hardly had them off my feet for three years I’ve even got  a new pair ready for the winter.“

“The great thing about Hotter is you don’t even have to break them in.”

Walkies in the rain

If, like Annette and Pollydog, you want to make sure nothing gets in the way of your #HotterWalkies then our collection with GORE-TEX® technology is right for you.  Each pair features the Hotter comfort you love, including lightweight soles filled with millions of air bubbles, soft leather and nubuck uppers and padding to the heels and tongues. What makes this collection even more special is the GORE-TEX® technology hidden inside, which guarantees your feet will keep dry no matter what the walkies weather throws at you.

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