We’ve been making footwear in Lancashire for nearly 60 years; that’s a lot of shoes and a lot of happy feet!

But you might be a little surprised at just how far Hotter shoes have travelled.

Hotter. Comfort. Style. Shipped world wide !

Creating shoes with comfort and style is at the centre of everything we do.

Creating shoes with comfort and style is at the centre of everything we do.

In the past 12 months alone, we have shipped Hotter shoes from our warehouse to just over 90 countries across the globe.  Our UK customers wear by far the most;  boosted, of course, by all the shoes sold through our lovely assistants in our 76 stores across the UK.  But did you know that our contact centre, which is right next to our factory at our Lancashire HQ, is open until 4am (GMT) each day so that we can look after our customers coast to coast across the USA?

Across Europe last year the highest number of Hotter shoes were posted out to France, Ireland and Spain.  Whilst comfort loving shoe wearers in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa top the charts outside of Europe.

Our warehouse teams have become used to sending out shoe shaped parcels to unusual and exotic destinations including both the Virgin Islands and Falkland Islands; Barbados, Fiji, Mauritius and Vanuatu!

Hotter. Comfort. Style. Loved around the world!

We love to hear from our customers around the world too – those who live in places near and far away … and those who love to travel too.

In a recent ‘shout out’ on our Facebook page to find out who was wearing their Hotter shoes, we were inundated with replies from the USA including Syracuse, Cincinnati and Los Angeles; Puerto Rico, Canada and South Africa. Nearer to home we heard from customers doing everything from visiting a village show in Northumberland, to a trip to the Yorkshire seaside and watching Hull City football club at the first game of the season.

We discover lots of Hotter fans who pack their favourite Hotter shoes for their travels too, like this lovely story from Marilyn Kaplan..

We’d love to hear your Hotter stories from around the world, just send them through to [email protected] or share on any of our social pages.

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