Our four-legged Hotter Walkies stars, and their two-legged Hotter companions, enjoyed a wag, a walk and a chat for our special photoshoot. The shoes, boots and paws all fared well in the muddy conditions at Beacon Country Park, just a couple of miles from Hotter HQ and we managed to turn our reception into the perfect doggy catwalk – complete with squeaky toys and tasty treats. We’d like to introduce you to team HotterWalkies!


Cathy with Nanook the Husky

Nanook is the grand-dog of Deb who has worked in our Contact Centre for 9 years, and she lives with Deb’s son Antony and daughter-in-law Cathy.  She’s two-and-a-half but still thinks she is a puppy!  Her best mate is Meesha, another husky, aged 12 who starred in our Hotter Walkies photo shoot last year. The pair enjoy walks in Mere Sands Wood in Rufford, where Deb and Cathy make sure they are kept on their leads as huskies are renowned for running … and running …. and running!


Cathy chose Whisper for her Hotter walkies; perfectly stylish and perfectly comfortable to help her keep up with Nanook and Meesha.




Jade, with Daisy and Bella the seven-month-old Peekapoos

Jade’s most memorable ‘walkies’ was when the two pups went out together for the first time and behaved perfectly.  Little Daisy put the biggest smile on Jade’s sister Kyla’s face when they made a surprise visit during Kyla’s 4 month spell in hospital. “We visited her on the way home when we first got Daisy and it was the first time we had seen her so happy in months and now Kyla is now our number one puppy sitter!”


Jade, who joined Hotter 10 months ago, works our returns team. She wore Whisper for her Hotter Walkies because she loved the colour and the two zips which made it simple to put on.



Nicky and Collie Drake

Drake is the dog in the life of Nicky who is our Senior Account Clerk and has worked at Hotter for 23 years.  The very well trained Drake is just two years old and gives the best snuggles at night when he is wanting to get cosy on the couch and fall asleep.  Nicky regularly clocks up 120k steps a week as she and Drake walk around the Beacon Park – where Drake spends as much time as he can chasing tennis balls. Drake’s photo comes from a recent brother, sister, and uncle Collie meet-up in Towneley Park, Burnley which Nicky tells us is a “great place to take dogs to walk, run and swim!”


Nicky wore County boots for the photo shoot, they’re her every day boots that help her step out for miles… and miles.



Vanessa with Parson’s Jack Russell Bo

Pretty Bo has hidden depths – she’s a double award winner and is fast and furious at fly ball.  “We had a memorable day last summer when we took Bo for a day out and she won a competition for ‘The Prettiest Girl’ in a local dog show,” said Vanessa, who has been a Contact Centre Team Leader for 7 years. “She also won a prize for being the most graceful diver – diving from the dock into the lake!”


Vanessa and Bo love to walk at Orrell Country Park and for our Hotter Walkies Vanessa selected the versatile Mystery boot.



Mel with Turner the Dachshund

Although he looks grown up and calm, Turner the wire-haired sausage dog is only 8 months old – with a naughty, but playful, attitude to match. He’s owned by Mel who works in our PR team and David from accounts – who are themselves owned by Ruby and Rufus the Dachshunds.  Turner likes to watch the world go by – and bark – from his favourite spot in the spare room and he likes collecting things from around the house to take to his under-the-bed destruction zone.  He likes to play fight Rufus (3) whilst tiny Ruby (6) is the lady in charge of the household.


Mel wore Lotty biker boots for her woodland walk with Turner – they were comfy, smart and are perfect for walkies anywhere!



Jenni with Boris the Dachshund

A glance of his sad puppy eyes and long haired Dachshund Boris wins you over every time….which is why he’s spoilt by his ‘big sisters’ Jenni and Olivia and his ‘mum’ Wendy. Being the only furry four legged friend in their household, Boris was bowled over with excitement at the #HotterWalkies photoshoot, surrounded by lots of different dogs big and small. He took a certain liking to a little lady called Bo!


Jenni, who has worked at Hotter for nearly 15 years, chose faux fur lined boot Ruby to keep her feet warm and snug whilst exploring.



Abbie, with 7-year-old Maddie the Pug

Abbie and Maddie are Beacon Park regulars because the little Pug simply loves to explore the countryside.  Little Maddie is a rescue dog who started life called Princess and now enjoys a pampered life with mum Abbie who joined Hotter over five years ago. Maddie often enjoys walks with one of her puppies, Betty, who is owned by Abbie’s mum. Her favourite trick is to stand on her legs like a meerkat – but only when there’s food involved!


Abbie, is a Junior Systems Analyst at Hotter, who wore the wonderful Mist GTX® shoes for her Hotter Walkies – the hidden GORE-TEX® technology kept her feet warm and very dry in the muddy autumnal conditions.


Chris and Casey the Labradoodle

Beaches are the favourite ‘walkies’ locations of Chris and her 3 dogs Casey (3), Charlie (5) the Sprollie (Springer/Collie) and Holly (13) the Labrador, but you’ll also find the active foursome enjoying countryside parks and lanes. “Casey doesn’t understand quite how big she is and has a habit of sitting on my knee,” said Christine who has worked at Hotter for 5 years. “Charlie will chase practically anything and Holly always shouts at me to get help climbing up the step at home.”


For beach walkies, countryside walkies, in fact walkies whatever the weather, Christine chose waterproof Ramble GTX® with GORE-TEX® technology.

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Martyn with Eric the King Charles Spaniel

Eric really is a sea dog – a fact Martyn realised at Blackhall Rock Beach in County Durham, which is where Eric first discovered his love of the waves.  Eric’s favourite tricks are high five, roll over and spin – but only if Business Intelligence Head Martyn offers him some tasty treats. But he’s not always a good boy, Eric barks at the TV if there are any animals on screen, so Martyn and new wife Lesley have only ever managed the first five minutes of the Jungle Book film.


For all of Eric’s sea and river adventures, Martyn sensibly selected waterproof Windfall GTX® with GORE-TEX® technology.


Rob and Louie the Beagle

Louie is a real family dog, the two-year-old Beagle has become an inseparable companion of Merchandiser Rob, wife Emma and little baby Annie. He loves any ‘walkies’ that is close to water because he’s partial to a swim;  his most memorable walk was a very exciting first visit to the beach at St Ives and he can destroy a tennis ball in under a minute.


Rob, who has worked at Hotter for two-and-a-half years, chose robust and practical Scout GTX®, made with GORE-TEX® technology for his Hotter walkies with Louie.



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Share your photos of your dogs on our social channels using #HotterWalkies and we’ll pick our favourite from all those posted by October 31st to win a £100 pet voucher and shoes or boots to ensure your next walkies is in Comfort.Style.

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