What better way to commemorate #LancashireDay than by celebrating the achievements of our staff.  Today we’ve been holding our end of year Vision and Values Awards at our HQ in Skelmersdale, Lancashire … and we have staff in our stores around the UK who have joined in too.

All our nominees have shown great enthusiasm and commitment to helping us exceed our customers’ expectations and one has even exceeded the expectations of a customer’s cat (Ian you really are the cat’s whiskers!!).

Nominated by their managers and colleagues our Outstanding Achievement Winners are Martyn Saint; Ste Langdon; Carol Navhi; Emily Starbuck and Ian Watkinson.  With Barry Riley; Jeanette Hindley; Gemma Davies; Simon Beldon; Lerryn Davidson; Andrea Dinn; Laura Waters and David Johnson all being highly commended.

Here’s what they’ve been doing and why they have won.

(We’ll be updating with our store team winners and nominee photos as soon as we receive them.)

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Our Oustanding Achievement WInners from our Lancashire HQ - Ian, Ste and Martyn, with our Managing Director Peter Taylor.

Martyn Saint from our training team was nominated by our Learning and Development Manager Tony Rankin who said: “Martyn has exceeded internal customer expectations by being the predominant ‘go to person’ for training in the last 6 months. He has responded both professionally and positively to equip our call centre and new store staff teams with the knowledge they need to exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Ste Langdon our machine supervisor was nominated by Joan Stewart, Factory Manager who said: “Stephen’s flexibility and commitment to our company is unbelievable.  He has recently  completed several different shifts ranging from days, shifts of 6-2, 2-10 to nights and his commitment has been out of this world. “

Carol Navhi from our Shrewsbury Hotter Store was nominated by Carrie-Ann who told us: “Every day she arrives to work with a smile and will always do jobs to help me – without me even having to ask she just gets on with it!”

Emily Starbuck from our Oxford Hotter store you were nominated by Agnese Utenkova who told us: “In all my retail management career almost 10 years I have never met anyone so young with such a positive attitude, so helpful and hard working.”

Ian Watkinson Returns Query Processor has been nominated by Deborah Regan and Elaine Parrot who said: “From day one he has ensured we receive all details necessary for us to carry out our side of the returns query process.  Ian is always available for any ‘unusual’ queries we may have for him. Such as asking him to parcel up an interesting return for a customer and her cat…the customer’s cat’s mouse toy (with a bell and red nose) had become wedged at the bottom of a pair shoes and the customer hadn’t realised this and felt the shoes were a bit uncomfortable on one shoe. He made sure the parcel was returned back safely to its owner.The customer wrote back to thank everyone involved in reuniting her cat with its beloved toy.”


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From left to right: David, Gemma, Jeanette and Barry with Peter Taylor looking on.

From left to right: David, Gemma, Jeanette and Barry with Peter Taylor looking on.

Barry Riley, from our finance team was nominated by Angelika, Claudia and Vanessa from our German call centre team, who said: “Since the launch of Hotter Germany he has provided invaluable support to the team. We raise many financial queries with Barry. He is always quick to respond. He shares his knowledge and takes the time to explain things through, taking ownership of things where appropriate and seeing queries through to resolution.”

Jeanette Hindley from our buying team was nominated by Andy, Danny, Dave and Khan from our development team who agreed: “We think Jeannette deserves an award for all the questions we as a department ask her, she knows everything and we mean everything.”

Gemma Davies from our design team was nominated by Christine Barratt who revealed: “Although not being that long in her role, Gemma has consistently gone above and beyond to help me in my various tasks. She has gone out of her way to help and along with her sunny disposition, she is a real asset to Hotter.”

Lerryn Davidson, from our Truro Hotter store was nominated by manager Nicky who said: “I have had a number of assistant managers throughout my retail career ( which spans 22 years !) but none have been quite so amazing as Lerryn. She is a truly outstanding support to me!”

Andrea Dinn from our Southport Hotter Store was nominated by Area Manager Briege Foxley who told us: “Andrea, you have embraced the challenges in your store, and have produced some outstanding performances. It is your team spirit, pride and determination which has cascaded through your team and continues to do so.”

Laura Waters, from our Darlington Hotter Store, you were nominated by Elizabeth Guy who told us: “Laura is a valued member of the team! She will always go the extra mile for both customers and colleagues and supports myself and deputy in the daily running of the store.”

David Johnson from our warehouse who is responsible for recycling was nominated by Joan Stewart, Factory Manager, who said: “David has been with our company since March 2014 and during his time here he has completed his tasks daily with great enthusiasm. Well done and congratulations for the tasks you complete, well done David.”

Simon Belden from our Norwich Hotter Store was nominated by manager Angela Lupton who said: “Simon always gives the very best customer service to our customers and they always return asking for him by name.”

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