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Kings Lynn, based close to the Norfolk coastline, it is a little known gem. Our Hotter store is located on the Kings Lynn high street, where you can find all of your shoe needs.


The town has roots that go back to the Middle Ages, when its historic port was as important as Liverpool was in the industrial revolution. The city was part of the German Hanseatic League, which was a network of merchant towns with ports that allowed German merchants to maintain their own houses and special trading privileges.

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The architecture and history of Kings Lynn is of national and historic interest. The historic importance has contributed to Kings Lynn becoming a member of the New Hanseatic League in 2005, which promotes contact between membership cities and the town hosting Hense Festivals since 2009.

Sandringham Estate

Sandringham estate is a beautiful country Park which is open to the public with over 243 hectares to explore. It is part of the Sandringham estate, however is open freely to the public. Sandringham is the much loved country retreat for the Queen and the Royal Family, and since it was bought by Prince Albert of Wales – who would later become King – when he was just 21 years old.  The house that he had bought was demolished when it became too small for his growing family and made way for a new house which was built in 1870 with construction for more rooms still to be continued into the 1890’s. The house has been passed down through the Royal Family which shows how fond they are of the house. The Queen still resides in the house frequently, along with the rest of her family.



Sandringham County Park

Sandringham Country Park contains two nature trails as well as many woodland paths to explore and a sculpture trail. Whilst visiting Sandringham Country Park you can park for free and there is no entry fee for the Country Park either. Throughout the park there are a multitude of plants, trees and animals to observe (perfect for a camera enthusiast). Dogs are welcome in the country park to enjoy the adventure. Take a picnic with you if you plan to make a day of the outing or there is the Sandringham Café and Coffee Shop where you can rest and enjoy some refreshments.



The blue trail is 1½ miles, a leisurely walk through the woods and is suitable those who might struggle walking. As you walk through the Country Park you can take in the beautiful landscape throughout Sandringham. The Yellow trail is slightly tougher with 2½ mile walk. This trail meanders through hills as well as the woods which make it a harder walk than the blue trail. Keen walkers and hikers are best suited to this walk.


Sculpture Trail in Sandingham County Park


If you have children or grandchildren the sculpture trail would be perfect. There are 15 sculptures and more added every year and all the sculptures are made from natural tree trunks by chainsaw carvers. The trail also passes the adventure playground, which has over 30 pieces of equipment to play on that is great if you want to tire the little monkeys out some more.



Super stylish Orbit is a great active trainer to use during your walk though Sandringham County Park. It will put the spring in your step with cushioned insoles and laces to keep you secure.

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Roydon Common


Another place to visit is Roydon Common which is one of the largest remaining heaths in West Norfolk and is managed by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust. This site is of special scientific interest because of the huge variety of wildlife and plants found in the area and some, such as the Nightjar, Woodlark and Adder, are very rare. Over 80% of Norfolk’s heaths have been lost to make way for farm land, left unmanaged, Roydon Common is managed by the grazing of the rare species of sheep and ponies found in the area that prevent trees taking over the open areas. Dartmoor ponies are famous in this area, when you walk through the heath you might be lucky enough to spot them. Dogs are allowed in this area however they must be kept under control with a short lead.



Roydon Common

Roydon common circular is a gentle walk that is 4.3 miles long. The route is well signposted and you will travel through soft terrain and a variety of habitats. The circular route is a popular one because it takes you round the heath, where in summer the heather flowers and becomes a sea of purple flowers. There is an abundance of wildlife and plants to observe and take photographs, a good place to have a leisurely walk to capture its beauty. In Roydon, at the start, or end, of the walk there is a pub called Three Horseshoes where you can enjoy a good pub meal and a drink after you have completed your adventure.





Mist GTX® will keep your feet warm and dry as you travel through the terrain because of their GORE-TEX® lining. The shoe has a durable sole will support you wherever you decide to explore.




Using our GORE-TEX® range of shoes when you are walking will not only help keep your feet warm and dry, but they also have our Comfort Lab- Fit, Bounce, Flex technology built into the shoes. The GORE-TEX® range is made in sizes 6-12 for men and 3-9 for women with two width fittings available. The sole unit is tough and hard-wearing meaning they will withstand the pressures of adventures.The sole units are filled with air bubble’s that absorb the shock when you walk giving you the ‘Bounce’ sensation when you walk. Although the sole unit is hard-wearing, it is also flexible which means the shoe moves with the movement of your foot, so your feet feel free to move without any restriction.


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