Happy International Women's Day!

We asked Hotter fans to write in and tell us about an inspirational woman in their lives.

5 winners have been picked by 5 different women at Hotter to win a pair of shoes and a handbag as a well-deserved thank you and treat.

Ladies, you're all deserving winners.

Read all about our nominees and 5 winners below.

Marcella wrote in to nominate her twin sister, Marcia.

I am nominating my twin sister Marcia Jones because she is a fantastic, hardworking key worker who is a valuable one yet a forgotten one, keeping our schools safe so our children and teachers can attend safely.

Such a shame that School cleaners do not get the recognition they deserve.

Marcia Jones

Tracey has nominated her mum, Ann.


I would love to nominate my wee maw Ann. She is a huge inspiration to me and my brother, as we are both profoundly deaf. She brought us up with no help or support! There just wasn’t much around in those days! 

We grew up to be totally independent, got jobs, married and she now has 3 amazing grandsons! 

She survived cancer and always manages to keep smiling too! 

Love her to bits. Thanks for a chance to treat her nice.

Katherine also nominated her mum, Cynthia, for being her inspiration.

WINNER – Chosen by Helen, Senior Designer

Katherine Fensom's Mum

I'd love to win for my mum. She has been an inspiration caring for her sister-in-law with dementia recently. And now dealing with sorting out her house and contents. She deserves a treat!

Laura had this to say about her friend, Penny-Sue.

Penny-Sue Wolfe

100% nominating Penny-sue Wolfe. She’s a complete inspiration. Even though she's been plagued with health issues, she runs the house, her business and still finds time for her friends. She's passionate about books and crafting – and her passion rubs off on everyone she meets. I'm honoured to be called her friend x

It looks like Laura and Penny-Sue have quite the friendship – they’ve nominated each other!

I would like to nominate my friend Laura Antill 💜 she is such a wonderful, bubbly person who always puts everyone else first before herself. She has such a kind heart who has had her share of heartache but puts that aside to create a happy home for her family 💜

Laura Antill

Rose has been nominated by her daughter, Claire.

WINNER Chosen by Rachel, Head of Performance Marketing

Claire Farley's mum

When I was little my Mum worked five jobs round school hours (three cleaning jobs, dinner lady and lollipop lady) to make sure that we were taken care of.

She has instilled the value of money and a strength in us that inspires me to this day. She is a very strong woman who always puts others before herself.

Dawn nominated her mum, Lena, for being her inspiration.

Lena Waites

She is an amazing woman, mother and grandmother. Despite her declining health she always puts others first, especially her family!

She has been isolating at home throughout the pandemic as vulnerable but still made sure to ring around to her 3 children and partners, her 5 grandchildren and partners, her sister and sister-in-law each day to make sure everyone was ok.

She would offer money and bank transfer this if anyone was struggling and if anyone needed shopping or other extra help, she would organise this with healthy members of the family. She is our rock and we love her very much.

The pandemic has been hard on everyone but especially my mam who lives alone. She never complained though and just got on with everything trying to keep our spirits up! We all love her very much and would love our special lady to get a treat of shoes and a handbag. She is a shoe and handbag addict and some new ones will be the perfect treat!

Kirsty has been nominated by Kathleen for being an amazing lady.

WINNER – Chosen by Joan, Operations Manager

Kirsty constantly helps charities raise funds, annually organising sparkling teas for 400 ladies to raise funds for a cancer charity, collects food for the food banks, raises funds to send a group of girls on a trip to dance in New York to name just a few.


Kirsty has been an amazing support to me when I lost my son. Anything she can do to help others she does without any reward.

Kirsty is married and the mother of two children who have turned out wonderful helpful teenagers through her constant support.

Kirsty works and also runs a travelling afternoon tea business, does all her own baking. She gives me enough tablet at no charge at Christmas to make 60 bags to give to the homeless charity I support.  Her friends could fill a book on all the things she has done for us all.

Kirsty supports anyone who needs help, and it would be lovely to see her getting a treat for a change.

Tiffany's mum, Jeanne, is her inspiration - and is 90 in July!

WINNER – Chosen by Vic, Chief Commercial Officer

Tiffany Crawford's mum

I'd love to nominate my mum. She's been a nursing sister all her life, caring for others.

At 89 years old, she's just overcome her second breast cancer op and is now full of life love and hope.

She's the rock of our family and has just become a great granny for the first time, much to her delight.

She's a real fighter, still living alone, doing church flowers and village fares and always cooking full meals for herself. She's a huge fan of Hotter and actually only wears Hotter shoes, even slippers, as she has to have support for poorly ankles.

I'd love for her to be able to have a lovely treat, a lovely handbag and comfy feet!!

Freda has been nominated by her daughter, Helen.

WINNER – Chosen by Pauline, Head of Customer Experience

She cared for dad for many years, even when he became bed bound. All through lockdown she cared for him while making a weekly cake for a widower, talking to people on the phone so they wouldn’t feel isolated, and knitting things for a fundraising.

Even after dad died (11.5.21) she was still thinking of others. She is an amazing woman.

Freda Smedley

Louise has nominated her mum, Dawn, too.

Louise Beard's mum

I am nominating my mum. Such a wonderful kind and gentle soul. Always puts others first and has been a perfect role model for me and others.

Worked hard all her life cleaning others houses whilst bringing me up to go into a successful career. She is a jewel and suffers with her feet now so Hotter shoes would be perfect for her.

Lastly, we have Louise, who has written a poem for her mum, Beryl.

I would love Hotter Shoes to treat my lovely mam. She simply is the best,

Best friend a girl could ever have – and, Beryl Irwin, you're a cut above the rest. 🤩

I have moved back home to help me achieve my house goal

With the support of my mam, my rock and the family soul. 😍

Corona struck and plans put on hold

But I've no worries, this lady is gold.

Beryl Irwin

A top role model who is loving and giving

A retired primary school teacher, she worked hard for her living❤

She was a single parent, where we all turn in our hour of need

And whatever we ask of her, she will do any deed 👌

She still likes to provide for me and my brother

But we want to see her spoilt and rewarded. After all, you only have 1 mother 💙

Hotter Shoes, this prize will make her year, never mind her day

And if you are looking for a worthy #InternationalWomensDay appreciative winner then please look her way. ❤🍀🤩❤🍀🤩

Thank you to all the nominees (and their loved ones for nominating them).

You are all worthy winners.

Happy International Women's Day, all.

From all of us at Hotter.

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