This blog is written by one of our sales advisors Rachelle who has worked in Hotter stores fitting shoes for just over 3 years. She has her own feet problems, she has worn orthotic insoles since she was 8 years old and has had foot surgery recently. Rachelle uses this knowledge and experience to help our customers to find the best fitting shoe for them. Finding the right shoe for your feet can be hard. Measuring your feet can give you a guide to what size and width you need. There are three ways we can help you, using our online measuring tool, an in store Footprint™ device or fitting service.


Why is it important to have well-fitting shoes?

Shoes that are too big or small can cause foot problems, anything from blisters to hammer toe, even bunions. Having the right fit can help improve your walking ability and lead a more active lifestyle.    


Getting the sizing right:

Measuring the size of your feet will give you a guide to the shoe size you should wear. However, different toe shapes and width fittings can change the sizing slightly. In store one of our customer advisor’s will measure your feet this will guide you on which size and fit would best suit your feet. Ensure you inform the sales advisor of any foot problems you have, as they will use this to help you find the perfect pair of shoes. Online we have a guide to sizing your own feet by drawing round your foot and using a tape measure to find out the size and fit. Below is a link to the online fitting guide. Once you have this information it will aid you in the styles that would best suit your feet. Our sizes range from 3-9 and are available in 4  fittings, slim fit, standard fit, wide fit and extra wide fit, that accommodates most feet.    

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Fastening and support:


Laces are the most supportive of all the fastenings because of its adjustability, it helps the shoe to hug the foot and support the ankle.    
Touch fastenings offer ease of a wide opening when taking the shoe on and off, whilst the fastening itself is easy to use. They help to secure the shoe to the foot to prevent slipping and support the ankle too.



Buckles provide adjustment to suit each foot whilst being a fashionable detail on the shoe.


Slip on shoes do not have any fastenings are easy to put on, just slide your feet into them and you’re ready to go!



Most of our shoes have a removable insole that allows you to remove it and replace it with an orthotic insole. With insoles it’s important to remember to get a shoe with a tall back, as this helps the shoe grip to your ankle, helping to provide more depth in the shoe for your foot, preventing your heel from slipping. Leanne, Tone, Brooke and Chase are good shoes for accommodating orthotic insoles.




Dual fit shoes have an insole under the top one that can be removed to make the shoe deeper, giving it a wider fit. The removable insole helps to accommodate wider feet, when one foot is slightly bigger than the other and swelling. You can also remove the insole to clean it, which makes them hygienic.



Toe Depth

Making sure there is enough room for your toes is important to ensure a comfortable fit. Shake, Dew and Leap have some of our deepest toe boxes.




Toe shape

Shoes have different toe shapes that can accommodate different shapes of feet. Always look at the shape of your toes and that will give you an idea of the shape that will most suit your feet.  

Rounded toes keep the width of the shoe all the way to the toes; these are good for people with bunions.  


Square toes start to taper at the toe joint, but have a flat end, leaving wiggle room for your toes which make them more suitable for people with narrower feet.  


Almond toes narrow from the toe joint to end in a rounded point; this style is very stylish and can be seen on a lot of dress shoes.  


What are the shoes going to be used for?

Keep in mind what the shoes are going to be used for, whether it be everyday use, walking, holiday or a special occasion, as this will help guide your shoe style choice.


Whenever you try on shoes make sure they are comfortable, as this is the most important thing when fitting shoes. The shoes should be comfortable from the moment you put them on.


Enjoy your shoes!

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