Hotter’s 81 longest serving staff have delivered an incredible 1,286 years’ service between them!

Raising their cups at a surprise afternoon tea, everyone with over ten years’ service was invited to celebrate this week and each received a special thank you from the company.  Hotter Founder Stewart Houlgrave praised the whole group for its contribution to growing the business before singling out nine staff who have served over 27 years; including Hotter’s longest serving employee Tommy Garner who has recently reached 48 years.

We really appreciate the hard work and loyalty this team of people has displayed, helping us create a footwear brand that delivers its promise of comfort and quality around the world,” said Stewart.  “Some of the people in this group have been with Hotter almost from the start, they have seen incredible changes as we have grown from a small slipper manufacturer to a world class brand that last year was awarded a Queen’s Award.

Thanks team Hotter - for over a thousand years of service.

Thanks team Hotter – for over a thousand years of service.

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