Hotter Moments In Cheltenham

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Our lovely bloggers pose for a photograph with the store team and #HotterBus of course!

When customers first try a Hotter shoe on there’s lots of ooos and ahhhs and that’s what we call a ‘Hotter Moment’. A group of Cheltenham bloggers joined us earlier this season to have their Hotter Moment for the first time or, for a few, they were coming back to enjoy even more.

We had the perfect recipe for the fantastic evening, we had bubbles, beautiful shoes and a great store team ready to find our guests their perfect pair! After a talk from Mel from Hotter HQ, the bloggers browsed the latest collection and there were lots of admiring comments even before they had tried on a pair!

The bloggers discovered their #HotterFeelGoodStyle and experienced many Hotter Moments …

And find out why they picked the pair they did…





Thank you to the bloggers who joined us at our event!

Joy from

Emma from

Sarah from

Karen from

Emma from

Rachael from

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Lisa from

If you’re a blogger and interested in attending an event at a store near you please get in touch with us at [email protected].


  • Many thanks again for a lovely evening. I have not taken my Belle books off my feet, they are truly so comfortable. We are going to Copenhagen soon to explore the Christmas markets and they most definitely will be worn. I know I can rely on them even when walking for miles around the market stalls!

  • Pinkoddy says:

    Thank you – the customer service you offer is fantastic. Who knew trying on shoes could be just SO enjoyable.

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