Over 400 Hotter Fit Ambassadors will be tackling the pain of ill-fitting shoes in the next two weeks as we launch our first Fit Fortnight campaign (Sept 24 to Oct 8).

A survey we recently commissioned revealed that over 70% of women have smiled through the pain of ill fitting shoes and, once a week, at least a fifth are putting themselves at risk of blisters and bunions from poor fitting footwear.

“We were shocked to hear so many women were suffering pain because of shoes that simply don’t fit,” commented Victoria Betts, who is leading our Fit campaign.  “So we’re stepping in to help the nation’s women enjoy their own Cinderella moments. We make amazingly comfortable shoes that come with half sizes options, width fittings and hidden adjustments so they’re simply designed to create the perfect fit.

“We’re inviting people into our 80 stores for a no-obligation fitting service and we have over 100 Fit Ambassadors at our customer service centre to help online shoppers too.

“Keep an eye out for our own Fitting Prince Charming who will be visiting some of our stores and stepping out in London to create Cinderella moments for damsels in shoe distress.”

When was the last time you had your feet measured?

If your answer is ‘When I was a child’ then you’re not alone. We took to the streets to speak with shoppers to find out what their shoe size is and when they remember last having their feet measured.

The survey also revealed:

Women surveyed are most likely to grin and bear shoes during social events; 65 % are likely to wear an uncomfortable pair at occasions like a wedding or christening; 55% to a party and 40% when simply going out dinner.

The most popular reasons to wear an uncomfortable shoe are cosmetic: 57% will put up with an uncomfortable shoe if it matches their outfit and 33% will buy an uncomfortable pair of shoes if they look pretty.

Over one in ten women surveyed own more than 5 pairs of shoes that they have rarely or never worn and women polled have an average of £126 worth of shoes that have rarely or never been worn; with 1% owning £1,000 worth or more of unworn shoes.

Uncomfortable shoes can ruin a lady’s day, with more than half of women worrying about standing for long periods; two fifths worried about not being able to join in activities and a third admitting that uncomfortable shoes make them grumpy and miserable.


Discover shoes that deliver the perfect fit

The beauty of Hotter Shoes is the variety of full and half sizes, widths and special adjustability features that make our collection accessible to a wide range of shapes and sizes.

What makes great fitting shoes?


A range of fittings from slim fit to EEE

Half sizes

A large size range from 3 to 9 for women and 6 to 12 for men

Dual fitting options

Hidden adjustability

Fastenings such as long laces and touch-close straps

Fit Ambassadors who know our products inside out and take time, by phone or in store, to help you find your perfect Hotter Fit.

 Discover more about Hotter Fit Fortnight

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