Today at Hotter HQ it’s all about saying thanks to our colleagues …. and who better to help with the celebrations than Father Christmas himself.

First our hard working HR team made sure all Father Christmas’s credentials were in order; then Andrew Glover checked his hi-viz jacket was in place – safety first!  Marketing Director Alex Hardy and his #HotterBus wanted to check the delivery schedules, whilst Design Director Ian Spedding checked his shoes were super stylish and really comfy!

Our Vision and Values programme helps everyone at Hotter recognise hard work and achievements by inviting staff to tell us why their colleagues deserve appreciation.  Today we managed to persuade Father Christmas to pay a visit to many of the colleagues nominated throughout 2015 to leave a little gift and a letter telling them who had nominated them and why. And clever Father Christmas even managed to arrange for his elves to send gifts to lots of deserving members of our retail teams across the country.

A huge thank you to Christine, David, Danny, David, Graham and Martin- we hope you liked your surprise visit.

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Claire, Hayley and Barry – thanks for all your hard work and hope you enjoyed reading why your colleagues think you are so fantastic!

Look who loved meeting Father Christmas … Rob, Redmond, Sammy, Sarah, Ged and Gill  – thanks for your dedication and see you all in 2016!

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Unfortunately we can’t share everything that was said about these fabulous people, but here’s just some of the lovely comments they received:

She has been really supportive as my team leader with quite a few situations, she is a natural, no matter what the query she responds immediately

She made the Taunton store a joy to work in, she is caring to all her staff and is one of the most understanding people I know

It was a pleasure working with her on a daily basis and she made customers and staff feel extremely welcome. She is defiantly an asset to Hotter

She doesn’t seek the limelight or make a noise about the contribution she makes, but her commitment, dedication and attention to detail is first class

Often we are at the wire in terms of deadlines but he handles everything in a calm manner and makes sure everything happens as it should – generally with a few funny quips thrown to make us laugh.

I don’t think there has ever been a time when I have requested assistance from him where he has turned me down, he is a top guy and very helpful when ever any work needs doing.

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Well done to everyone who had been recognised and thank you so much for your hard work and dedication.

Contact Centre – Craig Norton, Jessica Garnett, Cathy Murray, Debbie Lunt, Clare Turner, Hayley Sedgwick

Factory – Danny Joliffe, Christine Barrow, David Mernagh

Offices – Amanda Balance (Retail), Barry Riley (Accounts), Ged Wall (Marketing), Martin Brunt (IT), Gillian Middlehurst (Design). Jason Gilligan (Marketing), Rob Goudling (Merchandising), Jeanette Hindley (Buying), Leanne Stockton (Merchandising), Gemma Davies (Design), Sammy Powell (Retail), Sarah Lloyd (Retail), Redmond Cliff (Retail)

Retail Stores – Jacqueline Lawson (Glasgow), Jo Williams (Taunton), Sara (Norwich), Helen Joy (Dorchester), Poppy Euesdon (Bury), Claire Beaumont (Darlington), Adam Strickson (Peterborough), Ella Wellington (Bury), Simon Belden (Norwich), Lerryn Davidson (Truro), Tracey Smith (Cardiff), Andrea (Southport), Briege Foxley (Area Manager), Karen Bloxham (Edinburgh), Ashleigh Johnston (Durham), Linda (Newcastle), Debbie Marsh (Area Manager), Elly Middleton (Rotherham)

Warehouse – David Johnson, Graham Middleton, Yvonne Hamilton, Martin Cheers

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…  to the colleagues who made their day by taking time to make nominations: Carla Norgate, Lois Harnick, Molly McDonoguth, Tamsym halford, Leah Harrison, Lisa MacDonald, Yvonne Lyons, Jenny Marsh, Jessica Wheeler, Andrea Hart, Kelly Chapman, Darlington team, Danielle Martin, Kelly and Donna in Bury, Angela Lutpon, Briege Foxley, Anthony Armour, Sophie Sanders, Kay Fellowes, Tom Justice, Alan Cole, Adam Clammer, Lindsey Norgate, Julie Cochran, Deborah Harrison, Ellspeth Robson, Peter Spillane, the development team, Andrew Croft, Christine Barratt, Jon Read, Lee James, David Mernagh, Joan Stewart and Father Christmas…


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