Healthy_Footwear_Guide_3_Colour_RGB_150_dpiDid you know that Hotter is a member of the Healthy Footwear Guide? Well now you do!

But what does that mean and why does that make a difference to you?

The Healthy Footwear Guide is a collaboration between UK footwear brands and foot health professionals. The aim of the group is to help people make healthy choices when buying footwear and to encourage shoemakers to consider the health of their customers’ feet when designing products.

Our designers put a lot of care and attention into creating footwear that has special comfort features, so you can rest assured that every pair you buy will have the ultimate comfort fit. From wiggle room for toes, to lots of support and cushioning, there’s a myriad of hidden detail in every pair to liberate your feet and make them the most comfortable you’ll ever wear. However, amongst all our lovely shoes there are more than 50 styles which go over and above these comfort credentials and pass all 11 stringent criteria from the Healthy Footwear Guide – you’ll find them on our website and in our catalogue displaying the Healthy Footwear Guide logo.

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The importance of taking good care of our feet is vital, not least when you consider that in our lifetime we will walk the equivalent of four times around the equator of the earth.

Dr Mike Curran, Ph,D, MBA, MPhil, Chair of the Healthy Footwear Guide

Dr Mike Curran, Ph.D, MBA, MPhil, Chair of the Healthy Footwear Guide

According to Dr Mike Curran, Ph.D, MBA, MPhil, Chair of the Healthy Footwear Guide and Associate Professor Podiatry, University of Northampton: “Feet are particularly vulnerable and the HFG specifically seeks to identify everyday footwear which has the potential to fit well and to provide a comfortable and secure environment. To qualify as ‘healthy footwear’ a shoe must meet eleven criteria including heel stability and height, softness and flexibility and adequate width and depth.

“The Hotter shoes which have been approved by the Healthy Footwear Guide have all passed our 11 point assessment; we would class them as ‘healthy footwear’ which should provide great comfort and wear qualities if the fit of the shoe is good.  They offer adjustability and come with some half size and width options, which teamed with great advice and support from Hotter product advisors, will help wearers find the fit that is right for them.”


A selection of the Hotter ladies shoes which have been approved by the Healthy Footwear Guide. 

Key points – at a glance

Fastenings – styles with a lace, touch close fastening or buckle provide most adjustment

Heel – The heel must not slip up and down on the foot

Toe Box – There must be a minimum of 6mm in front of the longest toe


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Shoes approved by the Healthy Footwear Guide must pass all the following criteria:

  • Toe box allows normal foot function for the wearer
  • The width and depth must be adequate for the individual’s foot function
  • The sole encourages the foot to function normally
  • The upper and lining are soft and flexible
  • The heel is stable and is approximately 25mm
  • The ‘in shoe’ climate promotes a healthy environment for the foot
  • The shoe provides reasonable protection
  • The shoe retains its fitness of purpose for a reasonable period of time
  • The shoe must not noticeably slip on the foot
  • Product advice and support must be provided
  • The grip of the sole must meet industry standards

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At home or in store, when you buy new shoes use these six simple checks to ensure you have found your perfect fit. When walking check that:

  1. The shoe grips the foot and does not slip
  2. The sole flexes easily in the forepart
  3. The heel provides a stable platform
  4. The sole does not slip
  5. The upper flexes with the foot and returns to its original shape
  6. There’s no pinching or pressure when walking

A selection of the Hotter men’s shoes which have been approved by the Healthy Footwear Guide.

Don’t forget!

Visit one of our 75 UK Hotter stores, or call our free Personal Shopper service on 0800 083 3083, for support and advice about our full Hotter collection.

Good footwear can help with a range of foot problems including bunions, corns and callus, nail and skin problems and plantar fasciitis, and it’s important to wear the correct footwear if you have a range of conditions including arthritis and diabetes.  Always consult a doctor or podiatrist for help with these conditions. 

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