Keeping our minds and body active is something we can all do to help keep us upbeat and revitalised. Here’s some tips and resources to do just that – if you can think of any more, let us know by emailing us at [email protected] or by leaving a comment below.

Looking after your mind

Mental health is something that we often forget about. We get so busy getting wrapped up in our lives that we don’t realise the effect life has on our mind. It is important that we all take time out of the day to pause, reflect and breathe. Doing simple things like breathing exercises, stretches and even switching off technology can help your mental health. Remember that it is okay not to be okay, especially during this time.

Visit Mind to find out more.

Stay in touch

Even though you might not be able to physically meet up with your loved ones during this time, there are other ways that you can stay in contact with them.

Arrange a time to call your friends, so that you can have a catch up and check in with them to make sure that they are doing okay. If you have a computer, tablet or smart phone you can use Facebook, WhatsApp or another app to create a group chat with your friends or family all together.

Learn something new 

Being self isolated means that you have plenty of time on your hands. Rather than just sitting in front of the TV (which is fun to do sometimes) why not learn a new hobby or skill? Maybe you have always wanted to learn a particular skill, but you haven’t had the time previously. Well – now seems to be the perfect time! You could learn a new language, learn how to knit or crochet or how about an online course?

We’d love to hear if you’ve picked up a new hobby, chat with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Home Exercise

As much as fresh air and a good walk is perfect every once in a while, you don’t have to exercise out of your home to stay active. It can be as simple as turning on the radio and get dancing to the music, or using a work out DVD. Some people will have a whole workout routine at the gym but are unsure how to adapt this for home workouts. You can find lots of hints, tips and guides on the internet – and YouTube has demonstrations to help you to exercise at home. Armchair exercises are simple to follow and all you need is a chair (the NHS website has some exercises you can follow). The BBC have some hints and tips for you to stay healthy from the comfort of your own home too.

Julie, one of our Inspirational Women, has shared some tips on our blog including The Cuppa Routine!

Take A Virtual Tour

Enjoy of the world’s hidden gems from the comfort of your own home:

Marie Curie – Our Charity Partner

This amazing charity have some advice to support loved ones on their website.

How to support your loved ones if you can't visit them in person

Spring Clean Your Shoes

Give your footwear collection some care to keep them looking their best with our shoe care collection. 

A little care and attention can prolong the life of your favourite Hotter style – perfect for once they can freely grace the great outside again.

Brain Training

Keep your mind active with some free brain training apps like:

…Or apps built around mental health and wellbeing:
  • Happify for stress and worry, filled with games and quizzes that track your process
  • Headspace for meditation and better sleep
  • Personal Zen to relief stress and anxiety to use at your own pace


During this time, it is good to remember not to feel guilty or pressured by what others are doing – only inspired! Choose what works for you and work through it at your own pace. It is just remembering to look after yourself, guilt-free. Give yourself some much-needed TLC.

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