Over 26 weeks, via 24 countries, 42 border crossings, and 3 continents, GORE-TEX® boots Thor were put through their ultimate test.

Hotter fan Adam Brear needed a shoe that would keep his feet happy and protected through all terrains and weathers whilst travelling, and found just what he was looking for in Thor.

“It was a journey I shall not soon forget, one fraught with many dangers, many problems to overcome, and tricky situations to traverse.

Through it all my shoes did exactly what I needed of them. They worked…


Taking a break in Kyrgyzstan, Asia

“I travelled from London to Perth, across deserts, overseas, up mountains, into caves, through tundra, wetlands, grassy plains, and scorched rock. In blazing heat and freezing blizzards, surviving sand storms, typhoons, and floods, all in in a pair of Hotter walking shoes.”

So, how did the shoes perform?

“I have to say that on my journey I don’t recall ever remarking on how good my shoes were once. But that’s what you want from a shoe, you want to not be thinking about it. And the fact that I don’t recall thinking about my shoes is a testament to how good they are, not once on the trip did I have sore feet, not once did they leak, or rub, or give me blisters.”

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