Footnotes[dropcap letter=”W”]e met the lovely Ernestine Sclafani from New York a couple of years ago when we discovered her love of Hotter shoes. She purchased her first pair, started talking with our advisor Mike, who works from our contact centre next to our British factory, and they swapped stories of life in Skelmersdale and NYC. We then convinced Ernestine to test out a pair of our shoes in the Big Apple.  Here’s her original story if you’d like a quick recap: Meet Ernestine!

Where better in the world to be for the festive season than New York, so we thought we’d ask Ernestine to step out in style (and comfort) again to show us around her home city in her new Romance boots . This is the first of our Footnotes features, where we get to know our customers just a little bit better!  Enjoy!

In a fashionable city like New York, what you wear is always a style statement.  And with miles to explore, ensuring your boots also have the comfort factor will make sure you enjoy every site in the guidebook.  


With their faux fur trim and super comfort features, Romance are the perfect boots for long Winter walks in town or country,

With their faux fur trim and super comfort features, Romance are the perfect boots for long Winter walks in town or country.

  1. What is your favourite song and why?

Hard to say one single favourite song because I have a few favourite top songs, so …I had to choose two:

“God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys – The incredible harmonizing by this amazing group, along with some of the most beautiful lyrics ever written-so pure and honest, brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it!

My other favourite song is by one of my favourite groups ever …The Beatles!   “And Your Bird Can Sing” with John Lennon singing, George and Paul on dual guitars and, in my opinion, one of the best Beatle albums ever  is“Revolver”… music just does not get any better!

  1. Where do you like to walk and why? 

I walk all over the city daily! My favourite street is Broadway! As a little girl (and even now) I lived for watching old musicals from the 30s and 40s and most of them were set in NYC. So to me, I really feel here when I walk down Broadway where every great dancer, singer, actress/actor ever walked!

  1. What three words do you associate with Hotter shoes?

Comfort, style and easy-to-wear (sorry, that’s 4!)

  1. How many of your friends have you told about Hotter? And how many now wear Hotter shoes?

I have told at least 10 people and I know for a fact 5 have ordered from Hotter.

  1. What’s your favourite comfort food and why?

I can live on pizza! My dad is Italian and it was a part of my childhood. My mom makes pizza from scratch at least once a week and, even now, I still crave it. For those nights I want to lock myself in my apartment with a ton of magazines or old movie I want my pizza.

  1. What invention makes your life more comfortable and why?

A DVR (digital video recorder) to be able to tape shows within your own television! It is one of the best things ever. Now I can tape show after show when I am not home, or watching something else at the same time. Never to miss a program again is the coolest thing ever!

Ernestine tested out her new Romance boots on the streets of New York, visiting some of the most iconic sights of this extraordinary city


  1. Who is your style icon and why?

Again, I love and live for old movies, especially those with Barbara Stanwyck. She was one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses back in the day, she could throw on jeans, man tailored white shirt and look amazing, or a simple satin evening gown, no jewellery, just her presence and she could stop traffic … all 5 foot 4 inches of her!

  1. Describe your favourite outfit to relax in

After a long day at work and when I am ready to chill, I love to throw on the most washed out tank top that exists, I bought on vacation in Hawaii15 years ago, and my bottoms are 10 year old Gap sweatpants finished by my favourite slippers.

  1. Who would be your perfect dinner date and why

Tony Bennett. One of the last ‘crooners’ from the past. He worked with and knew all of the great singers from days gone by. I’d love to sit and chat about what it was like to work with the legends, from Sinatra to Ella Fitzgerald.

  1. What’s your favourite holiday destination and why

Hawaii hands down. In the past, I have spent many Christmas and New Years there. It is a magical place, especially holiday time. Laying under a palm tree on the beach with inflated Santa’s on the sand – life can’t get any better than that!

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