Wearing comfortable and well-fitting shoes is essential for everyone but never more so than if you have certain health conditions or are on your feet a lot during the day. Nobody knows this better than those who deal with the specifics of foot health day in and day out, so with this in mind we got in touch with a group of busy podiatrists and invited them to try out our shoes. The five ladies, specialising in diabetic foot care at Nottingham City Hospital, stepped up to the plate and put some of our Hotter Originals to the test.


Lisa Metcalf

I had heard about Hotter before being asked to review their shoes as a lot of my patients are big fans. I’m a diabetes podiatrist at a busy hospital and a typical day involves seeing patients in our clinic as well as visiting patients on different wards. There isn’t much time for sitting down; I usually find myself walking several miles a day, down long hospital corridors, and it is essential to be comfortable when I’m on my feet so much. Also, as a podiatrist, I need to make sure I am setting a good example about wearing good shoes!

I chose to review the Leanne shoes as I like the trainer style design of the shoe, yet they are smart enough to be worn at work. I must say, they were incredibly comfortable when I first put them on. My feet feel really well supported in them, and they are roomy enough to easily fit my orthotic insoles. They are the most comfortable shoes I have had in a long time and I’ve been wearing them to work every day!

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Jaclyn Glazebrook

As a podiatrist, every day is a challenge – you never know what the day will throw at you and it is never dull! I walk a lot at work as I treat both outpatients and inpatients, so I cover a lot of miles. It’s essential that I have comfy shoes as I can go from one side of the hospital to the other and back many times a day to help people and can’t afford to let sore and achy feet slow me down.

I would love to be a ‘shoe person’ but I have great difficulty in getting shoes to fit as I have big feet! I had heard of Hotter before as a lot of my patients wear them and I regularly receive catalogues to pass on. I picked the Leanne shoes; I liked the look of them – I just hoped they would fit! When I put them on I found them comfortable from the start and they felt really supportive. I wore them in clinic and certainly put them to the test. I’ve been wearing them every day for work and have also recommended them to my mum as they go up to a size 9 which is perfect for her!

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[separator type=”space”] Hannah Bond

Working as a podiatrist in both a clinical and a research role, my days are varied. Some days I walk the length of the hospital several times; collecting research medicines and seeing patients, other days I work mainly at the computer and other days again I’m in clinic; crouching, kneeling, sitting and walking the corridor. Due to the amount of walking, as well as getting into difficult positions in order to assess patient’s feet (sometimes while they’re lying in bed), comfy shoes are essential. They also have to grip well as I have to go between buildings on site where the surfaces can be slippy.

When I received my Nirvana shoes I thought they looked like really good quality. I found them to be instantly comfortable as soon as I put them on and I wore them straight out of the box for work. I wear them a few times a week and I especially like that they can easily accommodate my orthoses while still fitting well and feeling comfortable. After trying these I would definitely consider looking at some of the other styles available at Hotter.

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[separator type=”space”] Jackie Tucker

Working in a foot clinic is a demanding but rewarding job. I spend a lot of my working day fetching patients, assessing feet and applying dressings. I love meeting so many different people every day and working within a great team. I am on my feet a lot, not only during my working day, but in my spare time as I enjoy walking. I had heard of Hotter before through a colleague but had never tried the shoes.

I picked Shake as they looked comfortable and smart enough for work. When I first opened the box I could see they looked well-made and when I put them on found them to be really comfortable and a good fit. Since then I have been wearing them on a daily basis and have happily recommended them to colleagues, friends and patients. I actually went into the Meadow Hall store recently to buy another pair and also found the staff very helpful!

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[separator type=”space”] Laura Gibson

I enjoy the variety of my job; helping people feel better and solving their foot problems. My work settings range from community clinics to home visits and hospitals so I am on my feet a lot. Being a mum to two young children also keeps me very active, so comfy shoes are a must.

I chose to review the Mystery boots in Dark Tan as they looked really comfortable and supportive, and I loved the colour. I received them at work and literally took them straight out of the box and wore them for a busy clinic. They were instantly comfortable and supported my feet where I felt it was needed. They’re really versatile; smart enough for work but can also be worn casually with jeans tucked into them as there is plenty of space around the legs. As well as being comfy, they also look stylish and protect my feet against the elements which is great for the school run. I would definitely consider buying shoes from Hotter as I’m also a size 3, so it’s nice to have a lot of choice in all the styles.

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